I have been working in my kitchen laboratory for years searching for the most amazing tasting gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan meal or dessert recipes. My goal has always to produce something that was not merely a good enough piece of edible cardboard that the gluten intolerant could tolerate in the face of no tastier alternatives. No, I always looked to make gluten free meals and what have you that were excellent and either as good as the gluten-rich type, or else better. Recently, I have been running into a problem, though. I hope that you have suffered this way, too. I have done too well. I have a glut of deliciousness and have had to go to red alert or else suffer an ever expanding waistline, along with a shrinking wallet.

I am not ashamed to admit it, after years of going without, when I bake an amazing brownie, batch of cookies, or loaf of bread (did you ever think you would miss a perfect loaf of bread as much as you do?) it rarely lasts as long as I would like. It is true that I have always been a legendary snack attacker, but recently I have mastered a lot of gluten free meals and even hardcore gluten-free and soy-free vegan meals. I still snack as much. I can go through a fresh baked loaf of millet tapioca bread in a day, sometimes. Do you feel my pain? Do you share it. Well if you read enough of my recipes and take my tips to heart, I think that you can be a legendary baker, too. Then what will you do? What will you do when it tastes too good?

My first trick to prevent engorging at every opportunity was to maximize freezer use. That means I tend to cook and bake many more dishes that can be frozen. I will leave out a couple of servings then divide and package the rest for the freezer. I have found that part of the temptation is having that fresh loaf on the counter. Do you ever feel like I do that when you have baked or cooked the dish yourself from scratch that somehow you are more entitled to overeat? Use the freezer, I almost never go out of my way to eat too much if it is frozen. It is less available psychologically; there is a separation.

My second tip is to make smaller batches. I have no problem making cookie batter then baking a quarter of it in the oven, while dividing up the rest and freezing it. You can do the same with many dishes. This does not mean that you can’t keep buying in bulk. I still look for the best prices on things since it is harder to be gluten free on a budget than with a unrestricted diet.

Finally, I hate to even mention this option, but if all else fails, think about making dishes to eat that you like less. I do not mean to imply that they should be poorer quality. Quite the opposite, I recommend you try to go ultra wholesome to the point that not only are getting more nutrition, but you are also less inclined to endlessly snack on it just for the taste of it. The side benefit may be that your sugar cravings will subside after a time and you will be able to rebalance your diet without a sweet snack overdose.