So you have Cancer, well it is time right now to incorporate your healing foods into your own diet.  What you need to do now, is form as many strategies as you can find, to strengthen your immune system, so you can fight the spread of cancer.


If you are finding it hard to eat, then make a juice of your healing foods, it is proven that vitamin and mineral deficiency, can be rectified much faster by drinking the fresh juice.

Spinach - Choline and insitol maintain healthy blood vessels and reduce fatigue.

Alfalfa Sprouts - High source of chlorophyll, so is very useful for building red blood cells.

Apricot - Acts as a blood tonic and helps reduce anemia.

Blackberry/Blueberry - Great blood cleansers.

Citrus Fruits - Strengthen the immune system and reduces the risk of cancer spreading.

Chilli Peppers - Capsaican can block the activation of cancer-causing chemicals.

Wheat Grass - Powerful cleanser and detoxifier of the blood, strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels.

Celery juice - Very high in magnesium and iron, which make it one of the finest specifics for the building of healthy blood cells.

Shiitake Mushrooms - Stimulates the immune system and is found to have strong anti-tumor properties. In the study ten cancer patients were treated with the compound and all showed significant improvement.  Shiitake extract is even being tested for use with modern chemotherapy drugs to lessen their toxic effects on healthy tissue and the immune system.

Some areas that I would research are mistletoe and B17 as they claim to heal people of Cancer.

I would like to add that you need to watch a movie called RUN FROM THE CURE by Rick Simpson as your illness is mentioned alot in this movie. 


Sugar and Dairy products that come from animals fed on corn, soy and wheat 
Chemically-contaminated products
White bread and pasta
Red meat from industrially raised livestock
Oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids (corn, sunflower, safflower, soy)
Dairy products from industrially raised livestock
Eggs from industrial farming hens (which are fed corn and soy beans)

Try to increase in the ENJOY foods and decrease in the AVOID food lists and watch your health improve.