1 Month Old KittensCredit: W Fonseca

One look at a kitten and it is hard for your heart not to melt away. You may not realize it but there are more cat pets in the US than dogs, and while that does not mean that one pet is better than the other, it does serve to remind us how much we love cats. The problem is that a lot of people do not really know what they are getting themselves into when they get a kitten, and therefore it can get a bit frustrating after a few weeks when the cute is still there but some “trouble behavior” starts taking place.

They May Hide

The moment that you walk through the door you will place the kitten on the floor so he/she can explore; instead they decide to go behind the furniture and hide. While not every kitten will do this, it is still considered normal behavior. They will eventually come out of hiding, but you can use a toy or food as an incentive to come out. In some cases they may remain in hiding for up to a day. They are in a new environment and know nothing of it yet so it is natural for them to be nervous. Make sure that wires are before you bring the kitten in so that they do not hurt themselves while in hiding.

Potty Training

Potty training is one of the best things about getting a kitten because it usually is not that difficult. For the most part all that you will need to do is to show the kitten the litter box and they will usually head there when they need to use it. There is always a chance that they will have accidents, but that is probably as bad as it will get.

If you are adopting or attempting to rescue an abandoned kitten that is under a month old you may need to help it go to the bathroom. To do so is very simple; you have to get some cotton and wet it in lukewarm water. With it you can stimulate the kitten to go the same way that a mother cat usually would. If the kitten is still not going to the bathroom you will need to take him/her to the vet so that they can help you with it, but after a couple of weeks stimulation should not be necessary.

They Scratch And Bite

Whether you are adopting or rescuing an abandoned kitten you will probably think that you are raising a tiger in training. Unless you have another kitten or cat in the house they will likely look for you for playtime. Keep in mind that at one point they had their litter mates and they would play with them, but now they need to still play without them. It is not always a good idea to use your hands to play with them as you are likely to get some scratches. At first they are not all that painful, but eventually those claws grow and that can easily draw blood.

Getting them toys that they can chase is a great idea and do not forget a scratch board or post. Kittens and cats will scratch anything including furniture to take care of their claws so get them something made with that purpose in mind.

Biting when you get a kitten is a sign of teething and not aggression. They do so because they feel uncomfortable and applying pressure is a way to find relief. Toys are also a great way to spare you the pain of bites from a teething youngster cat.

They Climb

There are a few times in the day when it will seem that your new kitten becomes very active. That is usually after a nap and if your legs or your back are nearby, then the kitten may try to climb; this is a bit stressful for those owners who are not prepared for it; The good news is that your kitten will eventually not do this anymore, but you need to voice that it is not a behavior you are happy with. Just make sure to do so in a loving manner so that the bond between you and your kitten grows.

It is also important to put away everything that is within the reach f your new kitten. Because they can climb and jump rather well for their age it is very probable that within just a few days you will find them on the table or the counter. If you make sure that you clean those places then there will be no incentive for the kitten to go up there so they will not do it as much when they get older.

They Love Sleeping And To Cuddle

Kittens Love To Cuddle In BedCredit: W Fonseca

There are three things that your kitten will do the most, and those are sleeping, eating and playing. Kittens need a lot of sleep and that is a good break for you during the day. You should also expect your kitten to join you in bed, and though that is adorable you still have to be careful about it. A kitten is very fragile and if you roll on top of it you could crush it or asphyxiate it. Still your kitten will get bigger and then will want to cuddle with you in bed while you sleep because he/she loves you and to keep warm.

Careful When You Walk

You need to become extra careful when you walk around the house from the moment that you get a kitten. They always seem to place themselves close to your feet almost as if trying to trip you. What they are doing is marking you by using their scent. They could also be following you in preparation for meal time so please exercise extra care when you have a new kitten in the home.