What You Need To Know Before You Deliver Pamphlets For Money

So you would like to make some more money in your own time, save up for that holiday, help with the bills or just for some extra change. The thought has crossed a few minds and those people are delivering papers.

Delivering papers is an easy way to make that extra money. It is especially good in summer when the weather is nice, you can walk around your neighbourhood, get to know your neighbours, the local gossip and get some exercise at the same time. Does it sound like a good way to make a buck? Lets look into it in a little more detail.  

What To Expect When Delivering

The pamphlet runs are in 250 letterbox lots, so doing one run means 250 deliveries, two runs means 500 etc.

Some companies will deliver the pamphlets to your door, and others will expect you to pick them up. This is important to know if you don’t have a car .

The times stay the same each week. My time is Monday evening pick up (the place also opens Tuesday morning). The deadline on these deliveries is usually a few days after you pick them up, which makes my deliveries due by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest if there is bad weather.

After you have your pamphlets at home it’s time to sort them. They will come in bundles of different sizes and shapes. If you have more than one pamphlet to deliver, you will have to bundle them in one group so they are easy to deliver.

I put the papers in my living room on my living room table. They spread out, I grab the biggest pamphlet (in my case the local paper) and shove everything in it.

Table of PamphletsCredit: Christopher D Brown

How to carry all those pamphlets around the streets

As I am bundling, I shove the bundles of pamphlets into bags, which I carry around when I’m delivering. This isn’t the most efficient way to deliver pamphlets.  

Bags of PamphletsCredit: Christopher D Brown

Serious walkers will have a trolley. This is to hold the weight of as many pamphlets as possible, because what will cost you the most time is running out of pamphlets when you’re out delivering. This means you want as many papers as you can on hand to deliver, the more pamphlets you can load up and take out, the quicker you will be.

How are the routes divvied up?

You will be given a sheet which has the streets outlined which you are to deliver to. The streets on the outside you typically only deliver one side of, the other side is someone else’s route, the streets in the middle are for you to deliver both sides.

No junk mail I deliver the local paper too, but not pamphlets. Anything else (no circulars, no advertising material etc.) and I skip the house. Once you work out which houses are which then you will be twice as quick when you deliver, even knowing where to cross the street to become more efficient.

It is also a good idea to get out early if another person is also delivering pamphlets. It is a lot easier to shove your bundle into an empty mailbox than a full one, which can save you time and frustration.

When you get home, you will have to let the company know that you have completed your delivery. This is online with most companies, but mine was an automated phone system that I had to call, and punch in a few numbers. Then I'm done!

The Money

The money isn’t great, at the start it worked out to about $10 per hour and as I started to know my area it came down. For the average round I was getting paid around $70. The prices get set by what and how much you are delivering, so before Christmas the pay is better than the rest of the year.

I wish you well with your delivering career.

Thanks for reading.