What girl doesn't want to give her guy something on Valentine's Day to let him know he is special? This holiday is, after all, specifically a celebration of two people's love. Making each other feel special by planning special surprises is one of the highlights of the Valentine's Day experience. It can be tricky, however, to decide what to get a guy for valentines day. While many guys offer token protests, they love surprises just like girls. An impression that guys would rather not receive gifts is a false impression. The gift has to be appropriate for a guy, however. Unless the guy in particular has an affinity for chocolates and teddy bears, these are not the ideal gifts despite being standard fare for girls on Valentine's Day. A little effort and some thought into masculine choices should let any guy be happily surprised on that day of romance.

One unique gift to get a guy for valentines day is a guitar. It can help create a romantic atmosphere when you give him a gift to let him express himself in his own style. Whether his preference is for a resonant acoustic guitar, an electric one just right for his personality, or a resonant bass guitar, the internet has the best variety of options and price ranges to get the best instrument for the best price.

A more standard guy gift, but one that does not go out of style, is a watch. Guys tend to love watches. They are not only practical but available in uncountable varieties, from gadget-laden technological marvels to classic timepieces with bands of leather or fine metal. Paying a little extra to get a branded watch will let him know you think a lot of him. And lest you think a watch is a gift lacking in romance, consider that every time he checks the time, he will have a reminder of you.

Jewelry is not only a gift for girls, but for more and more men as well. Simple tends to be best for most guys, but of good quality, whether you choose a sterling silver bracelet or a classy set of cuff links.

For the guy who loves gaming, buying him the latest Xbox or Playstation game of a series or genre that gets him excited is a gesture he will love. Of course you will have to give him time to play if he really enjoys it!

Small gifts that fill a need in a guy's life mean a lot more than expensive but useless ones. A wallet or laptop case can be perfect. Gifting him a song online is not expensive but carries a lot more meaning than a gadget you put minimal thought into.

Regardless of the gift, as long as you put a little thought into its masculinity and its suitability for your guy, he'll be thrilled by the special thought you gave him.