To get your hands on the best juicer for your own needs you have to clarify in your own mind exactly how you want to use your juicing appliance. For example do you want to make green drinks, juice citrus fruits or make juices as quickly as possible. The answer to this question determines what sort of juicer makes the right choice for you.

There is no one best juicer to suit everyone. It is more of a personal situation. For example, for someone in Florida or California with plenty of great tasting citrus fruits available, then a citrus juicer makes a lot of sense. They are quite cheap to buy and are suited 100% to making great tasting juice from this type of fruit. Of course, this is all they can do. So if you want a more versatile machine then you will have to choose a different kind.

Beginners often elect to purchase a centrifugal juicer. Reasons include their user friendliness, the speed at which they can make juices and often they are quite cheap to purchase as well. In fact, centrifugal juicers are the fastest sorts of juicing appliances that you can get at any price. Some more experienced juicers argue that this is a bad thing as the speed causes the temperature of the juice that is created to rise ever so slightly. This in turn may have a negative effect upon the nutrients that are held in the juice. But for most of us this is not too much of a concern. Even with this "problem" the juice that a centrifugal juicer extracts is certainly good for us.

Other types of juicers include masticating and twin gear machines. From the outside, these two devices look quite similar but on the inside they are a bit different. Masticating juicers just have a single auger while a twin gear juicer has two gears. The masticating type of machine is better than twin gear juicers at extracting juice from wheat grass. But the twin gear machine is able to extract a higher juice yield from most other types of fruit and vegetables. Both of these machines are better at extracting juice from green leafy vegetables than centrifugal juicers.

People may not start out with either of these types of kitchen appliances as much as they do with centrifugal juicers. But over time, people who get really into juicing for health often decide that one of these types of juicers makes a great second purchase.

From the information above, you should hopefully have a better idea about which type of machine makes the best juicer for you.