Many people have pets because it is rewarding, pets bring a lot of happiness into our lives.Pets also cost a lot of money.Besides food, grooming and other routine costs there will most likely also be unexpected and totally unplanned costs you need to pay in case of an accident or sickness.

Veterinary bills can be quite high too and if you want to be absolutely sure you can afford the treatment that your pet may need, then you need to take a pet protect insurance.

What is a good pet protect insurance, what do you especially need to look for? Obviously, you need to know what kind of pet you have.Cats and dogs are the cheapest when it comes to insurance costs but the prices for the policies varies depending on the company and what the policy includes.Sometimes the cost can be as low as a few tins of pet food per month.

The price you need to pay for your pet protect insurance can be a lot higher if you have a more unusual animal as a pet.Check that the insurance you are taking includes your kind of pet because many insurances exclude exotic pets.

Medical treatment is a main reason why you should consider insurance for your pet but there are also some exclusions you need to know about.Often, routine treatments like worming, flea control and vaccinations are not covered by the insurance and any pre-existing conditions your pet has before taking the insurance are also not covered.It is also a good idea to declare any existing conditions your pet has when you take out the pet protect insurance, otherwise you risk it being declared as invalid when you make a claim.

You must also check your insurance policy for claim limits because there may be a specific time limit for the cover.Arthritis in dogs is quite common and is a long-term condition, it may only be covered for a specific time period like 12 months and after this period you need to pay for the bills from your own pocket.Usually there is a limit to the claims you can make in a year when it comes to medical bills, often this is high enough to cover almost any situation.

Pet protect insurance can be very helpful also if your pet goes missing and you need to advertise in local newspapers, many policies contribute towards advertising and also for reward money if your pet is returned safely home safely.

The policy should also cover public liability, this is especially important for dog owners.Even the best behaved dog can cause damage to someone´s property or even injure to a person.It is rare that something like this would happen but theoretically you would have to pay huge compensation claims and legal bills, so check that your pet protect insurance covers third party liability as well.

Does the insurance you are considering have any age limit for the pet? Some policies are only available to dogs up to 8 years old.This can be bad because it is often older pets that need medical treatment, not young pets.