If you've every wondered how you can sharpen your knife easily without being a professional knife sharpener - then you probably didn't know about electric knife sharpeners.

Of course there are factors you must look at before purchasing an electric knife sharpener. You'll need to pay attention to factors like durability & make, safety, staging, number of slots, compatibility with different types of knives.

First off, let's examine the durability and make of the sharpener. Search for an electric knife sharpener that has great durability and is well made. There are many kinds of materials that are used in the construction of the sharpening system such as diamonds, stone and steel – these are all commonly used in electric knife sharpeners. Being one of the hardest substances known to man, electric sharpeners that are made with diamonds are of the highest quality. They are the best a sharpening the blade without damaging it. Steel and stone work fairly well, but diamonds are the best, and however the most expensive, so please factor in the cost as well. Of course if you had a cordless knife you wouldn't have to worry about sharpening so much.

Second, let's take a look at safety. Of course this is of utmost importance, as you don't' want to cut yourself up when sharpening your knife. So look for a design that has a guarding system to protect your precious cutting hands when sharpening.

Third, you need to pick a design of electric sharpener that have several slots with it. One slot can be used for removing burrs, while another can be used for sharpening. You also should consider something called a stage.

Fourth, let's look at staging. You need to have different stages for your knife sharpener so that you can take the knife properly trough the sharpening process. The first stage generally uses a coarse sharpening, follower by a polishing stage.

Finally, take a look at compatibility with all types of knives. Not all sharpeners are compatible with any kind of knife so be aware of this. You definitely need to make sure that the electric knife sharpener will be versatile enough to be compatible with most any type of blade. The blade might be straight or serrated. Again if you choose to buy a cordless electric knife, you might avoid some of this problems with sharpening a regular knife, but it all depends on your style. If you are a die-hard chef, then you'll probably want to stick with regular knives, and use your electric knife sharpener to speed up the sharpening process.

Hopefully know you have some solid fundamentals and knowledge to go out and choose a knife sharpener that's right for you.