One of the most convenient devices you can ever have in a kitchen is a vacuum sealer. These units offer the opportunity to package and store food for longer times and for more freshness. When you buy a sealer, you probably get a few bags for it, but when those are used up, what do you need to know about vacuum sealer bags to be an educated shopper? Size matters First, you need to know the sizes that are available. Sealer bags are defined by their size. The most common sizes range from 6 inches by 10 inches to the larger 15 inch by 18 inch version. Sometimes they come sorted by volume (such as quart, gallon, etc.). If you remember the sizes you had before, you will be able to judge what sizes you want. If you are new to the sealer scene, you should probably buy an assortment of the sizes that are available. This way you can determine from experience what sizes are best for your use.

Mesh Sealer bags are also differentiated in that some have mesh and some do not. These mesh liners add benefit to you because they make it harder for the sealed bag to break or tear. This is especially valuable if your bag is filled to capacity or if you have heavy items in it. The mesh adds strength that will come in handy to you sooner rather than later. It's probably worth paying a little extra to get a bag you know won't break. Money While vacuum sealer bags are cool, the real reason most people use them is to save money. Sure, maybe you have a garden or maybe you have lots of leftovers from a holiday meal. You might want to lock in the exceptional taste of your natural produce. Still, the bottom line is money. You want your food storage to last longer so you can store more of it. The reason you want to store more is because many produce items are seasonal and the price goes up when the season is over.

Money is also involved in wanting to effectively save leftovers and to make your items last as long as possible. In this economy, properly storing your groceries in vacuum sealer bags is essential to protecting your investment. Other things to consider You want to make sure that the style of bag you get will actually fit your sealer. Although many sealers can use the same type of bag, yours may be different. Be sure to check your user guide or the manufacturer's web site before finalizing your purchase. Also, sometimes you can cut larger bags down to size or use a vacuum seal roll, so you might be able to save money by only getting one size of bag.