What To Look For When Buying Camping Sleeping Bags

It may be difficult for many first-timers to decide which model to buy out of all of the camping sleeping bags that are available. There are more than a handful of brands to choose from, and literally hundreds of models within each brand to select from; this can be a daunting task for somebody that does not know what to look for. However, knowing what to look for when buying camping sleeping bags can make this task a lot easier. The benefit of knowing what to look for when buying camping sleeping bags as opposed to simply having models recommended to you is that you can decide which model suits your wants and needs best out of all of them that are available. This article describes all of the features that you should look for when you are thinking about making a purchase; if you can find a model that has fits all of the criteria that is listed in this article, then you will be absolutely satisfied with your purchase!

Look For A Long Enough Length When Buying Camping Sleeping Bags

I can say from personal experience that the worst feelings when you are out in the wilderness are sleeping in a bag that is either too long for your height, or sleeping in one that is too short for your height. For this reason it is absolutely imperative to check the length when looking for camping sleeping bags. The model that you sleep in should be roughly 10 inches longer than your height; obviously it is difficult to get a perfect length because the models come in set sizes, but your goal should be to get as close as possible to this ideal length.

Look For A Contouring Fit When Buying Camping Sleeping Bags

Whether the fit contours or not is usually what separates the expensive models from the cheap models. You should keep your eyes open for a fit that looks similar to the shape of your body when purchasing camping sleeping bags. Ideally you would be the most comfortable in a bag that leaves about 4 inches around the entire shape of your body. The benefits of having a cushion that contours are that you will remain comfortable, and most importantly conserve the heat that your body is giving off to ultimately keep you warm.

Look For The Filling Material When Buying Camping Sleeping Bags

There are a variety of materials that they can be filled with, and this is ultimately what will determine the largest chunk of the price tag that you see. Ideally you should look for a model that is filled with down. Down filled camping sleeping bags have many benefits, some of which include being extremely light, compressible, keeping form, and being the most comfortable filling material that is available. As long as you are satisfied with the way that the filling material feels and conforms, then you will be comfortable when you are sleeping in it, and ultimately satisfied with the purchase that you have made!

Look For Reputable Brand Names When Buying Camping Sleeping Bags

Brand names are definitely the most overlooked subject matter when it comes to the purchase of camping sleeping bags. Although at first glance and feel the cheapest brand name may be just as great as the most expensive brand name, time will tell you otherwise. Durability, and longevity are two factors that are associated with brand names of these products; the more reputable the brand name, the longer the bag will last.

Look For A Strong Zipper When Buying Camping Sleeping Bags

Many frequent campers know the common fact that the zipper is the first thing that goes on camping sleeping bags. The crazy thing about this subject matter is that even some of the most reputable models have weak zippers alongside their other amazing features. A strong zipper is rather large, and has tightly knit threads throughout the entire length of the zipper. A true test is to tug at the zipper at any given spot and see how much the threads and metal flex.

The purchase of any gear when you are headed into the wilderness can be quite difficult if you are unaware of the things to look for before you buy. Realistically, the model that looks the best could actually perform the worst for your specific situation. However, with the right knowledge, the purchase of camping sleeping bags can be quite easy. Use the factors that are provided throughout this article to look for specific features in the model that you are considering buying, and you will be absolutely satisfied with your purchase!