When buying roller skates your first decision is if you need a roller skate designed for indoor use or if you plan on skating outdoors. Outdoor roller skates are specifically designed for outdoor use. Out door roller skates will have a softer wheel which will slightly flex inward when the wheel strikes an object such as a small pebble. If the wheels on the outdoor skates were harder like the wheels for indoor skates then when the roller skate wheels hit a small pebble it would cause you to fall as the small pebble would stop the forward motion of the wheel.

Riedell Roller SkateRegardless of whether you choose to buy indoor roller skates or outdoor roller skates you will need to decide on what level of bearings to use. Roller Skate bearings are use an ABEC rating. An ABEC-5 bearing will roll a lot smoother than an ABEC-1 bearing. A higher rating bearing will not enable your roller skates to go faster but they will roll longer. If you spin a roller skate wheel and let go the wheel will spin longer with a higher rated bearing.

For the casual roller skater and ABEC-1 bearing is usually enough. I normally would recommend getting at least an ABEC-5 bearing even if you are a complete novice to roller skating. If you buy a cheap pair of roller skates that have ABEC-1 bearings you can always upgrade the bearings to a better performing bearing in the future.

You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend for a pair of quality roller skates. Expect to pay at least $50.00 for a pair of roller skates. In general the more you pay the better the roller skate. Never buy cheap roller skates that are much less than $50.00 as the quality of the roller skates is poor and will make your roller skating sessions a lot harder and you will not have as much fun.

If you decide to purchase a pair of indoor roller skates you have many varieties too choose from depending on your intended usage. Do you want some recreational roller skates, speed skates, roller derby skates or performance skates? Most roller skaters will choose either a basic pair of recreational roller skates or a pair of speed skates. Speed skates generally have a higher rating on the bearings in the wheels.

You can find many quality roller skates for under a $100.00. If you have large feet such as a mens size, 14,15, or 16 then you your choice of roller skates will be limited. There are some great roller skates you can find in large sizes but they are usually a high quality roller skate and will cost you at least $150.00.

You can also use a reputable company like Create-A-Skate.com which allows you to design and build your own roller skates and the company will build the roller skate to your specifications. You can also have a boot shipped out too you to verify that it is the right size before they begin building your custom roller skate.

Create-A-Skate has many options. One of the options is to buy the Riedell Speed Skates. You can customize the skate with many options.

You can choose which style of boot you want for your custom roller skates.

You can choose form a variety of colors for the boot including camo, orange, and Abilene Suede. You choose what brand and rating of bearings you want. You can also get ceramic bearings for your custom roller skates if you want too. Create-A-Skate has many more options you can add can change on your custom roller skates.

Another great way to find and buy roller skates is by talking to the pros at your local roller skating rink. They can not only help you decide which type of roller skate you need but can order one for you. Your local roller skating rink can also do any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades that you may need or want done.

Roller skating is a very fun way to spend a few nights each week. Even if you only go roller skating occasionally a pair of your own roller skates will make you want to go skating more often. Roller skating is a great way to lose weight. A night of roller skating is much better aerobically to your body then lounging at home on the couch and watching TV.

When you buy a pair of roller skates you need to get a quality brand such as Riedell. You never want to buy your roller skates from Wal-Mart or any other mass department store. You need to buy quality skates from a reputable brand. If you buy cheap and crappy roller skates then your skating sessions will not be fun. If you buy a quality pair of roller skates you will skate more often and have much more fun.

A quality pair of roller skates can be expensive but if you take care of your roller skates with regular maintenance then your roller skates can last for many years to come.

When you buy a pair of quality roller skates you can always change out the roller skates components whenever you like. You can upgrade your bearings, buy new wheels, get a new toe stop in your favorite color, new laces, etc.

The boot is the basis of your roller skate and as long as you take care of the boot it should last for many years.

You can buy just one pair of roller skates for both indoor and outdoor use and simply swap out the wheels depending on your skating environment. If you plan on skating both indoors and outdoors I highly recommend that you purchase two different pairs of roller skates.

Do some research online and talk to your local roller skating rink. They can help you figure out the type of roller skate you need and can even order it for you.

If you are into roller skating you may even decide to open up your own roller skating rink. If you want to work as a roller skating DJ then owning a pair of your own skates is a necessity.

Rollerskating is fun for the whole family and it is even funner when you own your own pair of high quality roller skates.