Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or take part in a sport, there’s no better way to look back on your performance and relive moment than through the use of sports cameras. These handy bits of kits are a must, but what should you be looking for when you are considering a purchase?

High Quality Sports Cameras

The quality of the picture, colour and sound will be a top priority, as you’ll be after a great image not just for your own purposes, but to impress others too; a high quality recording will really help to recreate the scene. Consider choosing a camera with a wide lens, as this will help you catch everything that is happening around you as you film. An automatic focus is also a plus, as this will help you shoot perfect footage without requiring any technical effort on your part. If you want to be able to take still shots check whether this function is available on any camera you are considering.

Ease of Use and Replay

You don’t want a fiddly piece of equipment when you’re out in the field, so the camera has to be easy to use; ideally you want one which is self-explanatory, though check the instructions are clear before you make your purchase. The best are those that you simply charge up and are ready to film at the flick of a switch. Check that they are also simple to attach to your headgear and whether this equipment is provided or you need to buy this separately. Equally you want sports cameras that will let you look back at your action shots without much delay, so those with a rear screen are perfect for this; this function also helps you to check exactly what you are filming before you set off.


Check the Numbers

When picking sports cameras it is important to consider how long you will want to film for at a time, as this will determine the battery life of the camera you choose; remember that if you’re say on a cycling trip that involves camping you won’t get the opportunity to recharge either. Devices that give prior warning when the battery is running low are helpful. Additionally check the capacity of the memory card that it is able to take, as this should be one of your priorities if you are hoping to shoot lengthy footage using sports cameras.