Yorkie Puppies For SaleCredit: DrYorkies.comCredit: DrYorkies.com

Yorkie puppies for sale that are healthy will have certain characteristics that will make them a great selection for your new puppy. One that appears to be behaving differently from the others or seems ill may not be the best choice when looking at Yorkie puppies for sale.

Here are a few things to look for when you are trying to choose your new dog:

Active And Mobile

Yorkie puppies for sale should be both mobile and active. If they are older of have hit the 10 week age then they should be even more active. At about eight weeks, they will be playing with each other and exploring their surroundings.


At about eight weeks, a Yorkie puppy should be able to easily walk on a level flat surface but they may still be having some difficulty on ground that is uneven or on new surfaces. If the puppy appears to be unaware of what is happening around them or is very uncoordinated this could be a sign of issues such as hearing or sight problems or even neurological issues.


If the Yorkie puppies for sale that you are seeing have moderately or largely distended stomachs or appear to be “potbellied” this can be an indication to worms. While worms are treatable this is also a reflections on how poorly the mother and puppies have been cared for. This also makes the puppies more susceptible to other health issues since during their development stage their systems have been stressed trying to deal with the infestation of parasites.


When meeting the Yorkie puppies for sale they should not be overly nervous, scared, or excited. They may be somewhat shy and timid depending on how old the puppy is.


Puppies are naturally curious and should be interested in what is happening around them. If the Yorkie puppies for sale appear aggressive or overly trying to hide this can be a sign that they will be challenging to house-break and train. These types of puppies are well-suited for people who have had difficult puppies in the past but not so well suited for a first time owner of the Yorkie breed.

Coats and Eyes

Yorkie puppies for sale will have clear eyes, no cough, or discharge and should have shiny, healthy coats. Keep an eye out for tearstains around the eyes. While dogs may have some small tearing if they are outside, stains should not be visible.


You should also check the ears of the Yorkie puppies for sale. They should be free of any bad odor or wax build-up. It is not uncommon for many pet stores and backyard breeders to have puppies with ear mite infections so be sure to look for that as well.

By being sure to take the time to research the Yorkie breed before going to look at Yorkie puppies for sale you will ensure that you are getting a happy and healthy puppy. Always research the breeder you are interested in to make sure they are on the up and up. A puppy is a long-term commitment so it is best to start out healthy and well cared for from the start.