I can guarantee you that almost everybody that is reading this has bought a pair of shoes after solely trying them on, and walking in a straight line once or twice; doing this may allow you to buy a pair of casual dress shoes that they are satisfied with, but don’t you want more than bare satisfaction? There are a ton of things that you should keep in mind when you are buying your next pair of dress shoes. What is even more shocking is the fact that many of these aspects are simple things that most people merely overlook when they are making their purchase.

You do not need to know rocket science or calculus equations to determine your preference in regards to these aspects; however, you must take them into account if you plan on enjoying your casual pair of dress shoes for many years to come! Asking yourself as little as a few questions in regards to the following aspects and categories will ultimately make the difference between making a GOOD purchase and an AMAZING purchase.

The Price Of The Pair

This is almost always the first thing that people look at when they are considering any pair of casual dress shoes. Realistically, this factor will determine whether or not you will even be able to buy them, regardless of how much you like the pair, so it should be your primary concern. In addition, most people are more concerned with their bank accounts than how comfortable their feet are, which definitely makes sense in my eyes.

You should develop a general price range that you would spend, and only consider the casual shoes within that price range. I recommend doing this because it will not allow you to look at any pair of dress shoes that you cannot afford.

For instance, I would definitely love to buy an awesome pair of stylish Hugo Boss shoes; however, I would definitely not feel comfortable spending the $150-$200 that they sell for on Amazon! There would be no point in examining a pair that was designed by Hugo Boss only to find out that I cannot afford them! It would be like getting my hopes up, only to have them shot down immediately after.

Walking into a dress shoe store with a realistic budget that you have set will definitely allow you to buy a casual pair that you will be able to love and afford!

The Main Color Of The Shoes

I can almost guarantee that the majority of readers will almost automatically think of black casual dress shoes when they are imagining the color of the next pair that they will buy. Granted that black is a color that matches absolutely everything, you should still consider other colors such as white, brown, taupe, and grey pairs. This is one of most difficult aspects to consider because an identical pair of shoes available in each color will all look great!

You should definitely try to pick a color that will go well with your various accessories, as well as look great with the other pieces of clothing that you plan on wearing them with. For instance, choosing a pair of brown casual dress shoes like the pair of Fly London Slip Ons that are shown on the right will definitely look phenomenal with a belt or gloves that match the tone; however, would probably not look the greatest with dark clothing. You could definitely get away with wearing that pair of shoes with a light pair of jeans; however, wearing them with a dark pair of jeans would definitely contrast too much!

You should have a general idea of the color of dress shoes that you would like to purchase; however, the only way to be fully satisfied is to be open to interpretation and manipulation of that basic color. For instance, you should walk into a store knowing that you want a pair of brown casual dress shoes, but should be open to either a light, medium, or dark brown pair!

With Or Without A Heel?

There are definitely a handful of men and women that love to have a heel on a pair of their shoes simply because it makes them look taller, and then there are another handful that love the general look that a heeled dress shoe gives them.

Although the styling of the pair of shoes plays a large role, the presence of a heel, and height of that potential heel plays just as big of a role because it will govern the overall look of the shoes. For men, the height of the heel on a pair of casual dress shoes can range anywhere from half of an inch to a full inch. However, the heels on women’s dress shoes tend to be much taller and usually range from an inch to upwards of 4 inches!

You should definitely consider both the visual and comfort aspects of having a heel before you purchase a pair of casual dress shoes with a large or small one. After all, the pair of shoes with a heel that you are considering may look phenomenal, but leave your feet feeling swollen and hurt after wearing them for only a few hours!

After all, the pairs of casual dress shoes with a heel may look amazing, but most of the taller heels will probably leave you in a lot of pain after wearing them. The pair of FarylRobin pumps on the right have a not-so-tall heel, so they will provide you with a great balance between a great look and minimal pain after wearing them!

Laces Or No Laces

There is an old mentality that is guided along the lines of a pair of dress shoes with laces is automatically deemed as being a formal pair; however, there are a ton of pairs of dress shoes with laces that look extremely casual. This movement is part of our progressing society, and a vast majority of people moving towards casual styled clothes as opposed to formal ones.

Although this seems like the most basic decision (since there are only 2 options), it is actually one of the hardest because the difference is actually very subtle. I believe that your decision should be based on the degree of casualness that you will be looking for when you are buying the pair of dress shoes. Both types of dress shoes (with and without laces) will look casual (provided that the rest of the aspects are casual); however, a pair without laces will look more casual than a pair with laces MOST OF THE TIME.

The easiest way to do this is to try on a few pairs with laces and without laces, and judge how they look on your feet while you are walking. Once you have tried on about 5 pairs of each, you will be able to come up with an unbiased decision as to whether you want a pair of casual dress shoes with or without laces!

Their Degree Of Comfort

Although this should be one of your primary concerns, the majority of people choose for it to be their secondary or tertiary concern (usually immediately after the visual appeal or look of the shoes). You must remember that although everybody else is judging how the shoes look, you are going to be the one that has to wear them for several hours at a time!

This means that you can have the best looking casual dress shoes in the world, and receive a ton of compliments about how they look; however, you are going to be the one that has to deal with the consequences when your feet are swollen or in pain because they are not the slightest bit comfortable!

There is a solution to all of your comfort problems!

Buying a set of insoles for your dress shoes will definitely increase their level of comfort, as well as improve your posture. The only downside is that these insoles can cost as much as $400 if they are orthopaedic!

Therefore, you can pretty much purchase any pair of shoes and know that they will be comfortable if your budget can accompany a $400 pair of insoles; however, you should really take their comfort level into account if you do not want to spend that kind of money on a set of insoles!

The General Or Overall Look

At the end of the day, a pair of casual dress shoes can nail every single aspect that you want, but can still look like crap! It is a great idea to keep all of these aspects at the front of your mind, but you should also be able to look at the pair of shoes as a whole, and enjoy how they look.

Basically, all of these aspects should be your primary concern, but not your only concern.

I would ensure that the casual dress shoes contained my preferences for all of these aspects primarily, and then I would consider the overall look before making the final purchase!