It is very hard these days to give a gift that is personal and says "I love you" to a special lady in your life. Techie-gadgets and gift cards have practically taken over the gift-giving world, but those types of gifts just aren't special or meaningful, period. A charm bracelet, however, is both special and meaningful for both you and the recipient! How do you choose just the right charm bracelet? Read on.

Look for Quality

If you want your gift to be something that will still be worn years from now, make sure you go for quality. Buy from a reputable dealer, and definitely buy sterling silver or gold. Plated metals will be tempting because they are very affordable, but they will not look as good as the real thing will years from now. Reserve plated metal charm bracelets for the fashion accessories that they are. Also, when choosing a charm bracelet, check to see that the clasp will hold with repeated use. Toggles are popular and very easy to put on and take off. Since there are no moving parts on toggles, they will wear well over time, also. Lobster claw clasps remain a popular choice for all types of bracelets and are also a good, sturdy choice for any bracelet.

Keep it Simple

Do your research, and look at many types of charm bracelets. Make sure the one you buy is easily added to in the future. Some Italian charm bracelets, for instance, need to have extra charms added by a jeweler. If you do purchase a bracelet like that, ask the jeweler if they will add the new charms for free. Most will do that, especially if the new charm is purchased from them. Pandora charm bracelets are wonderful if you want to be able to add beads and charms on yourself. The threads on each section of a Pandora charm bracelet allow beads and hanging charms to be added, subtracted, and their order to be changed whenever the bracelet owner likes.

Chain-type Charm Bracelet

Versatility – The Name of the Game

The selection of charms available is an important thing to consider when buying a charm bracelet for someone. Italian charm bracelets have only one specific type of charm that can be added, so you will be limiting your future choices with that type of bracelet. Recent interest in those Italian charm bracelets makes the charms easy to find now, but possibly in the future, they may not be so easy to find. Chain type bracelets are always great for versatility, as there are thousands of charms available that will attach with jumprings. Make sure you look for charms that will attach with a spring ring or a split ring, though, so they can be attached at home, and don't have to be taken to a jeweler to be soldered on.

There are hundreds - no, probably thousands of choices available in many different styles of charm bracelets. Because they can be so personalized to the wearer, they make excellent gifts for a loved one. They always look great with just about any other type of jewelry, such as gold cubic zirconia rings, or copper necklaces. Just do a little looking before you buy to make sure the bracelet you give has all of the qualities you want it to have. Happy shopping!