las vegas

Las Vegas is a great city and while most people do not really think much about it, you should know exactly what to pack when you are getting ready to go. The weather that welcomes you when you land at McCarran International Airport depends on the time of the year and even the time of the day so it is important to check the weather before you leave your home. You will realize that the temperatures in winter specially at night will be cool enough to wear a coat, while in the summer you will want nothing more than to get to your hotel's pool as soon as possible. When planning a trip to las Vegas make sure to include the following things to your packing list.

Sun Screen

Las Vegas is a city in the desert, so you should not expect a lot of cloudy or rainy days. The sun will be out for most of the day and it will burn unless you protect your skin. Unfortunately a lot of people ignore the advice of wearing sunblock and they end up feeling the pain for it. Keep in mind that most people will walk a lot when on the strip and all the time that you are outside is time when your skin is suffering without protection. You may also spend a lot of time at the hotel’s pool and even driving or riding the bus can get you burnt.

If for some reason you forgot to pack your sun screen then there you can find a lot of stores that sell it. Most souvenir shops have some sun screen right by the counter, and they sell a lot of it. That is because not everyone realizes just how exposed you are when you visit sin city. Some of the souvenir stores in Las Vegas will sell it to you at a premium; if that is the case then head to any pharmacy in the city and pay retail for it. The stores at your resort are also very likely to carry the sun block, especially those by the pool area.

Comfortable Shoes

You will also need to protect your feet especially if you are one of the people who will want to go from one resort to the next. Wearing comfortable athletic shoes can make walking the Las Vegas Strip a lot easier. You should always wear comfortable shoes in Sin City even if you are not planning to leave your resort much. Some of these hotels and casinos are incredibly big and walking them or seeing all they have to offer may take hours. The MGM Grand is one of the best examples of why you need a good pair of sneakers to enjoy Las Vegas. Make sure to also pack flip-flops if you are planning to spend some time by the pool.

Leather shoes will give you a lot of trouble unless you are using them at night during the winter when the Las Vegas weather does not get as hot. you should only wear them if you plan to stay indoors for most of the day; that is true even during the winter when the mercury can suddenly rise in the middle of the day.  

The Right Clothing

You will need clothing that is comfortable and most of the year that means light clothing. Keep in mind however that temperatures at night are a lot cooler than during the day especially from November through March. If you are visiting at any time during those months it makes sense to pack at least a light sweater or two. There is a chance that you will not need them, but if you do you will be glad that you packed them.  

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

You will also need some of your "party clothing" as there are plenty of nice clubs in Las Vegas. You should pack those clothes depending on how much time you will spend at those clubs. Nice clothing is also a good idea if you want to visit some of the world-famous restaurants in Las Vegas. A bathing suit is highly recommended as the resorts have some of the best pools in the world.


There are more than a few things that can make you sick when you visit the south of Nevada and that includes the constant changes of temperature when you go from the AC indoors to the heat outside, drinking, lack of sleep, allergies etc. If taking medications then make sure to read interactions with alcohol and other medication. Even if you do not get sick from the Las Vegas weather you should still remember to pack all your medication separately in a see through bag if you are taking any prescriptions. That will make the process of getting through security at McCarran a lot easier.

Be Comfortable

The strong sun can also damage your eyes so pack a good pair of sun glasses and a hat. The big mistake people make is to underestimate just how bad it can get out in the sun. One of the trips I took to Vegas was in the middle of May and the temperature was at 118 F. People will tell you that at least it is dry heat, but at 118 F it really makes no difference.

Another good idea is to take a small backpack where you can keep at least a large bottle of water. You may not come back with the same bottle in the bag, but staying hydrated in Las Vegas is very important.


Here is the thing with money in this part of the country, you will spend a lot of it. try to take only one credit card and a bank card. Having more money that you can spend cn be too tempting when you think you are about to get lucky at the tables. it is better to limit yourself before you arrive and if that means only taking one card with you then so be it. You will be thankful that you did when you get back home and you are able to pay rent or the mortgage.