A pendant necklace is a great gift for any woman no matter the age!

A pendant necklace is a great gift idea for either loved one or for yourself. As there are so many varieties of this jewellery, picking one out can be difficult, especially when everything looks great. There are some guideline you can follow from the fashion and the jeweller’s world that will help you in your decision. Here are just a few;

Choosing a pendant necklace's band or string is integral to the overall gift!

Necklace Material And Length

The material of the necklace itself is commonly either made of precious metals like gold and silver, or a string such as leather or cotton. The first thing you may want to consider is your budget. Pendant necklaces constructed from string are much cheaper than precious metals and sometimes it may not be possible to buy a high grade platinum chain. Also think about where you will be wearing the necklace. Metals generally give off a more glamorous feel and something that is really ornate may look out of place at a very casual event or in the workplace. Instead, a restrained, thin leather necklace can really complement a day at the beach or a casual day shopping. Another important factor is the length of the necklace. The length can totally change the look and style the accessory gives you. Longer necklaces balance out shorter necks and round faces and can look very enchanting with many chains piled on top of each other. Shorter or even ‘choker’ types of necklaces are great for people with long necks, but are only suitable are some sort of black tie event rather than work or casual outings.

The pendant ties the whole gift together! Put a lot of thought into this part

The Pendant

With the explosion in popularity of charms and charm bracelets, primarily by Pandora Charms, the trend in the necklace world has seen a similar sort of change. Many people are opting for a nice couple of chains with a variety of different pendants they can slip on and combine with each other to create certain effects. If you are picking a pendant with a certain coloured gemstone imbedded in it then choosing a stone that is a shade or two close to your eye colour is really great to bring out a natural feature. Make this the centrepiece at the middle of the necklace and choose some other colour that will complement your outfit or your makeup style. Many people pick necklace pendants for sentimental reasons. Necklace pendants make great mementos or sentimental gifts because they hang close to heart and are easily protected from scratches or stains. If this is what you have in mind, you can go with a monogram on a precious metal such as gold or silver than will not tarnish, lasting for a while. Other options that are historically popular are unlockable pendants that contain a picture or message from loved ones that you can keep as a reminder. As a gift, think about these options or a great personalised charm that has a meaning to the receiver like goodluck or representing a milestone such as graduation or a first child.