When you are advertising a concert or a series of concerts you certainly will require some form of outdoor and indoor advertising. One of the most efficient forms of advertisement for concerts is vinyl banners. These are inexpensive and effective forms of advertising which can he hung either outdoors or at indoor locations. Banner signs can be large or smaller. They can be hung from poles or strung up on a chain link fence. If you don’t require a specific date on them they can be reused for several years. But what needs to be on those banners to be effective?

Banner graphics for concerts

Depending on the form of concerts that is featured you certainly need to convey what type of concert this is going to be. If it is a jazz festival then you may want some graphics of an outline of a face blowing on a brass trombone or a saxophone. These are classic images which immediately convey exactly what the concert will be about. And that is what advertising banners are all about – conveying information and directions. If the main music will be classical then you could have a concert piano on the banner. If it is jug band then you can use graphics like a jug that is incorporated within the advertising.

What information banners send out

Since it is important for your advertising for the concerts to include the date and time of the appearance you must include this information on your banners. Also if you want people to attend the function you must include the venue or location of the event. If tickets are available at specific locations those locations need to be on your banners. If this is a series of events then you could design a series of banners each one with the event theme and the date. The thing about wording on banners is that just a little goes a long way.

Effective banner wording

If your words are effective they don’t have to be many. People will not read an entire banner but they will take it all in at a glance so keep them as simple as possible. Your graphics will convey a lot without words. If the performing group is well know you may only need to put their name on the banner plus the date, time and location. If it is unknown still include the name but you might include what they perform.