I arrived in Alaska last fall after an entire adult life of visiting here during the summertime. I have had lots of time off this summer because I work on a rotational basis up in the Arctic, therefore, I have spent most of my time traveling around Alaska in my 34-foot long Bounder motor home.

Here is a list of some of my favorite experiences I have had in Alaska so far:

Kenai Peninsula

I love the Kenai Peninsula. There is so much to do in the short summer we have up here. 


Homer SpitCredit: wikipedia.com

Homer is known as thehalibut capital of the world.

There are dozens of halibut charters available here. Most of them cost around $125 for a half day of fishing. If you go out with a halibut charter, bring your raincoat because it rains most days out on the bay. Also, make sure that your arms are in shape because catching a halibut will really give them a workout. After you catch your halibut, there are plenty of places that will flash freeze and ship it back home for you.

One of the more popular attractions is the Salty Dawg Saloon. You have to stop by there and buy your Salty Dawg shirt. Another popular attraction is the Land's End Resort at the end of the spit. Stop in at the Land's End for some of the best food in Alaska.

There are plenty of campgrounds on the spit as well as many touristy shops that you can purchase Alaska native crafts, clothes or just about anything else that would want.

Russian River salmon fishingCredit: wildnatureimages.com

Russian River Salmon:

The Russian River is a favorite location for salmon anglers. There is easy access to this river from the Russian River Ferry and the Russian River Campground. It is easy to tell if the salmon are in the river because it will be crowded with fishermen if it is.  Make sure that you understand all of the regulations that govern salmon fishing before you enter the river. Get ready for some of the best salmon fishing in the world because it is here. I have seen parts of this river red with salmon!  It can be crowded, but there are plenty of salmon to go around.

Depending on what time of year that you arrive, you will catch either king, red, pink or silver salmon. They all taste good and will give you the fight of your life!

Trout Fishing:

When you drive around the Kenai Peninsula you will notice that there are streams everywhere. There are trout in every single one of these streams. Stop by these streams with a fly rod and a selection of wet flies for some non-stop trout action. Rainbow and dolly varden trout are available on the Kenai Peninsula.


Located on beautiful Resurrection Bay, this town has world class scenery. If you go to Seward, you have to try out one of the day or half day tours. There are wildlife viewing cruises where you will see things such as harbor seals, humpback whales, stellar sea lions, sea otters, as well as many different kinds of sea-going birds. There are also glacier cruises. These cruises are usually combination sightseeing and wildlife viewing cruises. No matter what kind of cruise you want, chances are that you can find it in Seward.

The waters around Seward offer some world-class fishing for salmon and halibut. One fish that lives around Seward is the ling cod. Ling cod are very tasty as well as strong. I would recommend booking a combination trip out of Seward.


One thing that you will notice about theKenai Peninsula is that you will see another campground every 20 miles that you travel. Since there are hundreds of miles of roads, this means that there are lots of campgrounds. Every single one of these campgrounds offers beautiful scenery and some of them offer world class fishing. It is not possible to stay at every single one of them, so you will have to carefully plan out which ones you want to hit.

If you have never visited Alaska you are really missing out on an experience of a lifetime. This is a special land that is full of surprises. There is something new to see around every corner. You really owe it to yourself to come up here and see what this land has in store for you. One word of caution, I came up here for the for time in 1997, and I became addicted and finally moved up here for good last year.

Alaska Halibut
Credit: Northcountry charters