Travel to Tibet

Tibet is called the rooftop of the world for a good reason. It's the highest inhabited plateau in the whole world.  When you make a trip to Tibet, be sure to see the following sights.

Qinghai-Tibet Railroad

Tibet RailwayA trip to Tibet simply must include this overnight train from Xining city to Lhasa.  This is the world's highest altitude train line (80% of it lies at 13,000 feet above sea level).  Take it through the amazing mountain passes, valleys and plains of the beautiful Tibetan countryside.

Cities in Tibet

Of course you need to begin a trip with a stay in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and home to the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama's original dwelling place.  Lhasa is full of holy monasteries, pilgrims from all corners of Tibet, and authentic Tibetan cuisine.  But don't overlook the other cities such as Shigatze, Gyantze, and Sakya. They also have long histories and wonderful local culture to enjoy.

Tibetan Town


Tibetan Monk

Tibetan Lakes

Tibetan LakeTibet also has the world's highest altitude lakes, such as the Namtso, Manasarovar, and Yamdrok lakes.  Pilgrims travel on foot to each lake, and walk around its entire shoreline as a religious devotion (which takes weeks). They are seeking blessings from the local deities. The sight of any of these lakes will take your breath away.


Everywhere you go in Tibet is mountains, so you won't have any trouble seeing these.  Some are higher than others, so be sure to check out the ranges with passes above 16000 feet.  They are covered with snow year round, and loom over the horizon of lesser mountain ranges.

Mt. EverestThe most famous mountain, of course, is Mt. Everest, sitting on the border between Tibet and Nepal.  You have to see it to believe it.  Try to get as high up on it as you can, proceeding through the various levels of Everest Base Camp.

Normal People

Tibet is full of awesome sights, but be sure to include visiting with normal residents of the towns and cities you see.  They are the real reason we have Tibet in the first place, since they make it their home from generation to generation.  Watch them on their pilgrimages, drink their Yak butter tea, and play with their adorable children as you learn about what daily life in Tibet looks like in the twenty-first century.

Tibetan Monks


Tibetan Child

Have a great trip to the Rooftop of the World. It will be an experience you'll never forget!

And don't forget to get a Tibet tour guide.