What to serve for Christmas dinner could result in a boars head centerpiece or a fattened cooked goose. Not that you might choose one of these options as what to serve for Christmas dinner but they are certainly a possibility. You also have to consider where you can actually find that Boars head anyway. When looking for what to serve for Christmas dinner for that Christmas party or Christmas food you also could consider ham, mutton, a pork loin roast, or turkey all of which are the more traditional ideas for Christmas dinner. When choosing Christmas recipes you also have to consider the amount of time it will take to assemble everything and have it ready to serve at that Christmas party.

Make Wonderful Appetizers Fit For A King Or Queen

When people arrive at your home for a Christmas party they expect to get lots of good Christmas food like deviled eggs or dips and chips. The question of what to serve for Christmas dinner must include appetizers both hot and cold. One of the little bit different type of Christmas recipe appetizers is a few small Belgian endive as part salad part appetizer. Belgian endive is eaten raw and is the perfect edible container for cheese spreads or vegetable dips and is also an easy finger food to graze on before consuming the Christmas food. Other ideas for Christmas appetizers might include hot Josefinas or perhaps pickled shrimp.

The Main Event - Various Meat Types

When considering your main course of meat you have lots of choices that are very traditional when looking at what to serve for Christmas dinner for the meat course. Some of the ideas for Christmas for what to serve for Christmas dinner include the following:

  • Ham which comes in various forms. It can be boned or boneless. It can be fully cooked or partially cooked. It can be spiral cut or not cut at all. Each form of ham requires a different serving amount per person so make sure you get enough ham to serve everybody and have leftovers too.
  • Turkey is another answer for what to serve for Christmas dinner and it can be smoked, brined and roasted, deep fat cooked or grilled on the BBQ. It opens many possibilities for Christmas recipe ideas.
  • A pork roast or standing beef roast or even a crown roast of lamb which is one of the fancy ideas for Christmas dinner that is actually two racks of loin lamb chops tied together and roasted, are alternate choices for what to serve for Christmas dinner.

 Many Choices Of Salads For Christmas Dinner

Salads make colorful additions to Christmas dinner and should be included on your menu for what to serve for Christmas dinner. Fruit salads and fruit salad plates are a great answer for what to serve for Christmas dinner salads. This might include cottage cheese surrounded by brightly colored fruits like:

  • cubed cantaloupe with raspberries and sliced peaches
  • pineapple fingers, pitted Bing cherries and peeled plum quarters
  • sliced persimmons, grapes, sliced pears and orange segments.

A Wide Variety Of Side Dishes For Dinner

When looking for what to serve for Christmas dinner there is so many choices to choose from. You can choose from classics like almond green beans or somewhat less traditional dilled green beans. Mashed potatoes or perhaps less seen a good bowl of scalloped potatoes redolent of the smell of garlic. Other side dish choices for what to serve for Christmas dinner might include a pumpkin soup as a starter. Or consider that great side dish to roast turkey, a saddle of lamb or roast pork which is the onion pie with almonds that is a very tasty addition.

Breads, Rolls Or Dumplings For Dinner

Suggestions in the bread related arena of what to serve for Christmas dinner might include the traditional Parker House rolls but cornbread makes a wonderful addition to either turkey or ham. Other bread related suggestions for what to serve for Christmas dinner might be sourdough biscuits which were a favorite of early pioneers and miners. When they got the sourdough starter going the recipe was a closely guarded secret. There is nothing that beats the taste of the flavor of sourdough. Or consider homemade tortillas de harina as an alternate to go with the ham or lamb as an alternate carbohydrate for what to serve for Christmas dinner.

Dressings Or Stuffing For Christmas

Stuffing a turkey as part of what to serve for Christmas dinner will make the turkey take longer to bake so you could consider dressing instead. A problem with stuffing is when it comes time to actually stuff the bird there is not enough cavity space in the bird for enough stuffing to serve everyone. If you have room in the oven then prepare side dressing dishes separate from the turkey. The best part of dressings is they have so many different additions you can include like chopped raw cranberries in place of other vegetables or green olives in place of green pepper. And many dressings can be made in advance and reheated with no loss of taste when ready to serve.

Should Desserts Be Pies Or Cakes Or Both?

Traditional pies include of course pumpkin but there are so many other choices. If you live in an area where blackberries grow wild then pick some from the bushes and freeze them and when you are looking for ideas of what to serve for Christmas dinner pull them out and defrost them. Make a creeping crust cobbler which is simple to make and will keep for a day so it can be made ahead of Christmas day.

An Alternate Thanksgiving Meal For Christmas

Going vegan and serving something special like a brown rice tart with fresh tomato filling is a good alternate. Another filling alternate is Borlotti Bean Moussaka which is good tasting dish containing yoghurt, cheese and eggs. Vegan dishes can contain tofu or not but many of them are very pretty looking dishes that would solve the vegan question of what to serve for Christmas dinner.