Going out guidelines for the evening

When stepping out at night, whether its for dinner or a cocktail party, everyone always wants to look and feel their best. Here are 10 great tips to help you keep your poise and confidence level up, especially after you rushed to get ready. Keep these "what to wear in the evenings" guidelines in mind so you feel confident when going out which is a big part of a good time. 

Many people get frustrated of what to wear especially last minute, have 2-3 outfits always in mind. This will help you for last minute planning. For example, if your going out last minute to a dinner or restaurant, wear a nice pair of dark denim slim cut jeans, with a nice sexy camisole , sweater, high heels and accessorize. A clutch or nice bag would compliment this outfit as well. This is a perfect go-to outfit that works for several different  places and weather conditions! It's classy, sexy, comfortable and nice casual.

10 Tips for What To Wear In the Evening

1. Always consider comfort- Yes, everyone wants to look  sweet, sexy and sophisticated but if your are in pain wearing it or adjusting it all night, it will show and at the end it's not worth the trouble it put you through. So when trying on clothes, make sure they fit good and are comfortable before buying them, this way you will wear the outfit more than once. 

2. Find an outfit that fits well- Don't go too tight or you'll look stuffed in your clothes or if you go to loose, your figure will get lost. Especially with dresses or skirts, if they are too tight they will ride up and shift all night long becoming cumbersome.  Remember, if you go sexy, low cut on top, don't go too short on the bottom and vice-versa. Only show skin once, either on top or bottom.

3. If you want to stand out and get attention- Go for it, and wear something that stands out, but make sure it's not over the top and still polished. There's always one person that stands out because they have the perfect outfit on, from fit and style. Mainly, they didn't go over the top and they look fabulous.

4. If you don't want to attract too much attention and be a wallflower- Choose something that's simple and understated, but it should still be chic!

5. When wearing a basic, like your favorite little black dress- Give it a personal touch. Try a pretty  brooch, a colorful scarf, or big necklace . Instead of black heels, try nude heels. If you really want to pop, try red heels! Make it uniquely you.

6. Experimenting is encouraged- But test it out first before going into a party. How else will you find out if it works for you or not, you need to experiment with different styles, you'll be surprised how much you like it once it's on.

7. Respect the suggested dress code of the evening- But don't feel obligated to abide by it completely. Wear long dresses or skirts to cocktail parties or short dresses or skirts to formal events, but style it accordingly and in a way so you don't feel under-dressed or overdressed.

8. Don't sweat it if you're way off from the dress code- Be prepared for quick fixes. If your too dressy for a laid back cocktail party or dinner party, then put your hair in a pony tail and toss a coat or sweater over your shoulders. Or just say you have another formal event you have to go to next!

9. Avoid anything fussy- It will bother you all night and bring you down. Feathers that make you sneeze, a train too long or a dress that people could step on, or even worse, make you trip. Or a tight corset that cuts off your breath and too tight of shoes is certainly distracting and painful. How many times have you seen women holding their heels in their hands by the end of the night? Tip- By the way, if your feet are sore, it's a good idea not to take your shoes off during your night out and massage your feet, because once you remove your shoes your feet immediately swell and will become more painful when you put your shoes back on, if you can.  Save the massage until you get home or at least in the car.

10. No matter what you wear- Go with the flow and forget about it as soon as you go through the door. Being self-conscious and worrying about your look will take away the fun from the night. So use these "what to wear in the evening" guidelines so they will help you feel and be your best when going out!