What To Write Your Personal Narrative About

Suggestions For Personal Narrative Topics

It's sometimes hard to think of subject matter when writing a personal narrative for a class at school, or when writing one for personal enjoyment.  Writer's block can happen frequently when trying to think about a specific moment in our lives that is worth writing about.  The personal narrative can be a daunting task, because we often times don't think specific instances in our lives are worth writing about.  There are a number of different topics you can write about as the subject matter for personal narratives.  I will list several different ways to help you learn how to write a personal narrative, using a specific subject that will be enjoyable for the reader.


The easiest technique of finding a topic for your personal narrative is to think of the most important moments in your life.  Try to think of different situations that have helped to shape who you are as a person.  Maybe you lived in a town your entire life and had to move to a new location where you didn't know anybody, maybe a close family member passed away and you had to deal with their death, or maybe you had your first child.  Run a list in your mind of different things that have happened and shaped your life.  This is a good way of figuring out material to write about for your personal narrative topic.  With an important event, it's much easier to remember a wider variety of feelings and emotions surrounding the specific event.  This gives you the ability to write much more on your specific subject, which will make your personal narrative lengthier.  Also, the moments in life that are very important to us, are usually very interesting for the person who's reading the personal narrative.  This will keep the reader entertained.

That isn't saying that a personal narrative has to be about something that's life changing.  A personal narrative can also be about something very mundane.  A good writer can take any personal situation and turn it into a beautifully crafted piece.  That isn't saying that you should write a personal narrative about something bland, but you should write it about something that's at least meaningful.  A good suggestion would be a minor surgery (such as getting your tonsils removed), or your first day of work.  The content of a personal narrative can be a specific situation that happened to you, that didn't drastically affect your life.  

Another good technique at finding subject matter for your personal narrative is to write about something that happened recently.  Things that happen recently are more vivid in our minds, and are much easier to write about.  These topics can be anything from a recent vacation, to visiting family members that you rarely see.  When learning how to write a personal narrative, realize that the content does not have to be wild to be interesting.

Be sure to include your own voice within the piece.  Try to be as vivid as possible with the imagery and events.  Honesty is also a key element within a personal narrative.  Reflect on the topic you've written about with your current insight, or the insight that you had at the time that the event took place.  You can write your personal narrative as someone looking back at the event, or you can write in the frame of mind that you had while it was taking place.  There are a number of different angles that you can write the subject matter with, just be sure to pick the one that fits your piece the best.  Here is a list of several topics that may help you think of an idea for your personal narrative.  They should be helpful in fixing your case of writer's block (which I also wrote other methods of thinking of ideas in a different article, if you need further help.)

Ideas For Personal Narrative Subject Matter:

* The first time you've ever been embarrassed in front of several people.
* When your favorite pet died.
* Different experiences you've had with your best friend.
* A family vacation or road trip you've had with friends.
* A car wreck you've been in that has made you think about your own mortality.
* Your first crush.
* A trip to an amusement park.
* A time when you've had to conquer one of your biggest fears.
* An event that solidified or destroyed your faith in God.
* Time spent around different family members.
* When you went to your first concert. 

There are many other ideas that you can write about for your personal narrative.  It doesn't necessarily have to be something important, but it needs to be able to keep the reader's attention.  Hopefully some of these different ideas will help you think in the right direction for what to write about.