The advantage of a mini trampoline is it can be utilized both outside and inside. This begs the question then: what kind of shoes is most suited? Will particular footwear wear down the trampoline mat? Would it be safe to bounce with your bare feet? What about socks?

We are right here to respond to these types of inquiries for good so you can increase your comfort and ease while also being safe.

Let's start by going through the footwear we suggest you DO use for your little trampoline. Needless to say, you need to first check with any paperwork that came with your rebounder regarding certain directions from the manufacturer.

A set of tennis, running, or cross-training shoes are best for performing exercises on a little trampoline. They've got sufficient traction around the soles to ensure you don't slip, yet they're still soft enough not to damage the trampoline top layer as time passes. Added to that, these types of footwear offer you great support if you have weak arches or if you find your feet injured after a round on the little trampoline. These shoes are made for leaping, which will help you stay firm whenever bouncing towards your way to your fitness objectives.

A lot better compared to tennis footwear are no footwear. Your bare feet come with a natural non-slip sole. Additionally, you will have the ability to experience the subtle adjustments in the top of the mini trampoline which will let you adapt to alterations in your bouncing routine. Furthermore, bouncing in your naked feet will help improve your foot muscles that would otherwise not be used when using footwear. It truly comes down to comfort and choice regardless of whether you decide to slip on tennis shoes or leave your feet bare.

A great compromise among bare feet and shoes come in the form of Vibram FiveFinger footwear. They may look strange, but they truly do provide you with the non-slip traction of a footwear with all the overall flexibility and subtle moves associated with barefoot rebounding!

For safety sake, our recommendation is that you do not put on the following when using a little trampoline. You will additionally lengthen the life of your own trampoline by simply following these suggestions.

Although it could be tempting to jump in your socks, especially when working out at home, it is a bad idea. Your socks provide the base of your feet with no traction by any means. The top of the trampoline is smooth also. Combine with that the proven fact that you'll be bouncing and turning on the trampoline and it is a recipe for disaster.

If we have not previously mentioned it in this posting, then it's probably not a smart idea to put on on a mini trampoline. We are talking stuff like flip-flops, sandals, cleats, boots, dress shoes, high heel shoes, slippers, the list can go much more. Employ common sense and stick to bare feet or sports footwear having soft soles while rebounding. It will ensure that you and your trampoline last a long time into the future.