Have you ever wondered if you are buying the right type of underwear for your body type? Believe it or not, different styles of underwear are better suited for different body types. Of course, the type of underwear that men and women wear is different, so this guideline will go over a few different men's and women's body types and the right pair of underwear for each body type. If you need to purchase new underwear, check out Jockey and One Hanes Place. You can get a great deal on the underwear that those merchants sell by using promo codes.

1. Men

For men, their height actually plays a large role in what type of underwear that they should be wearing. Boxer briefs are recommended for men that are over 6 feet tall. You can get away with wearing trunks or low-rise briefs if you are over 6 feet tall, but you will find that boxer briefs provide you with the most comfort, support, and coverage. Anything other than boxer briefs tend not to provide enough rear coverage for men that are over 6 feet tall.

For men that are under 6 feet tall, low rise briefs are their best option. When it comes to men's underwear, it is all about picking the pair of underwear that fits the best. Boxer briefs tend to be very loose on men that are under 6 feet tall, which is why low rise briefs are recommended. If you are right around 5'10'' or 5'11'', you may need to purchase regular trunks to get the most comfort, support, and coverage.

2. Women

When it comes to picking the right type of underwear, the guidelines for women are the exact opposite of the guidelines for men. For women, body shape is the deciding factory in picking the right type of underwear. Women that have a pear shape typically have a larger bottom than they do a top. For women who are the pear shape, the best type of underwear is either bikinis, high-cut briefs, or boy-leg briefs.

The apple shape is typically use to describe women that are all about curves. Women that have an apple shape will generally have a round stomach, narrow hips, and broad shoulders. For women that have an apple shape, high cut briefs and bikinis are the best type of underwear because they are curve friendly.

Women that are thin and have very few, if any curves, are typically classified as having a column shape. Women that have the column shape will typically be very tall and have a petite waist. For women with the column shape, the best type of underwear includes bikinis, high cut briefs, and no-show G strings.

The final popular body type for women is the hourglass shape. Women with an hourglass shape will have a small waist, but a fairly large bust and bottom. If you are a woman with an hourglass shape, then you should be looking at high cut briefs, boy leg briefs, and shorts.