Writing an article that gets a lot of page views can be like rolling dice, it's a matter of luck. There are however a few types of articles that tend to generate more page views then other types of articles.

Top 10 Lists
Top 10 lists can receive a lot of page views. A bad top 10 list can get a lot of page views. A great Top 10 list can receive thousands and thousands of visitors. If you write an interesting top 10 list, and use social networking sites, you can rapidly gain a lot of page views in one day.

Your top 10 list does not have to be a top 10. It can be a top 8, top 21, or whatever number you choose. For a top 10 list you must use great images to help illustrate your list.


Sex sells. Sex also can garner a lot of page views. Here is an example of an article on InfoBarrel that combines a "top list" with sex appeal. Check it out at 21 Sexiest Female Super Heroes.

Tech Reviews
If you have access to a new gadget, smart phone, computer, or other tech related item you can review it. Sites such as CNET rake in thousands of page views for new tech review articles items. If it is a highly anticipated item but yet to be released, you may still be able to write a quality informational piece about the tech item.

Making Money Easily Online
Making money online, and doing it easily, and with no money down, is a popular topic that is commonly searched for on the internet search engines. Who wouldn't like easily earn extra money each month?

If you can write humorously, or at least cover a funny item, you can reap large numbers of page views. You want the article to be funny, or at least have light-hearted undertone that belays a sense of comic relief, don't force comedy within your articles.

If you write an article and include some facetious facts, then you may get some new fans that will bookmark your profile and come back to read your future articles, that is if they like your style of writing.

Trending Topics
If you have published an article on a subject that is currently popular, then you can possibly receive a lot of page views on that article. The problem is many people write and blog about trending topics. If you have a well aged article on a sub niche topic, and then the article becomes a trending topic, you could get thousands of page views in a day.

You can find various trending topics on Google, and write all you want. Trending topics may get you a lot of page views in a short time span, but generally you will not receive a lot of long term traffic like you would with an Evergreen article.

Further Thoughts on Articles
There are many other types of articles that can gain a lot of page views. Top 10 lists, sexy women, tech reviews, and funny articles tend to be popular categories that can get you article a lot of page views. If you combine 2 or more of these ideas, and then write a quality article with a lot of interesting images, you may get an article that is passed around all over the internet.

Sex sells, but if it involves images of people in the buff, then you can not use it with Google Adsense. If you're looking to make money on your article using Adsense, then keep the article semi clean and within the boundaries that Google Adsense TOS allows.

How would you feel if you had an article that gained 10,000 page views in one day? I would be ecstatic, even if the article did not earn very much.

Many times your articles that will get a lot of page views may come as a surprise. The best way to write articles that get a lot of page views is to write a lot of articles. You never know which one might take off. I was truly surprised by the number of page views my Free Afghan Patterns article received. It is by no means an article that has received thousands of page views, but it has received many more then I expected it would.

If you start a style of writing that seems to get a lot of visitors, then try some more articles out in a similar fashion, and tweak each article a little bit to try something new. If you keep at it you will eventually have a handful of articles that can receive thousands of hits overnight.

The articles you write that turn into Blockbusters may surprise you. You take you time and write a well researched article and then you get very few page views. Other times you may rapidly throw together a quick article with no SEO and that article may gain a lot of page views each day.

Instead of concentrating on getting 1 article 5,000 page views, concentrate on building your folio. The more articles you write and publish, the better chance you have of getting an article that's gains thousands of views each day.

If you have 1500 articles published, and each article only gets an average of 3 page views each, you will still be receiving at least 4,500 page views per day. If your Adsense and Chikita CPM is $10.00, then you will be earning around $45.00 per day.

In the Military it is a unit. The militaries power is with the way each Soldier, Airman, and Marine works together. The same idea relates to your articles. It is not the power of the individual article, but instead how well all of your articles perform overall.

If you never get a blockbuster article that receives 20,000 page views or more, that is OK. As long as you continue to keep writing and publishing your articles to InfoBarrel, you will make good money when you get a large folio of articles.