One of the things that I found the most confusing while starting my nutritional weight loss journey was vitamin intake. Some people told me to take certain vitamins while avoiding others, and other people gave me the opposite advice! At that point in time I had realized that the only way to get genuinely true information was to research the facts and decide for myself.

I'm sure that everyone knows at least a handful of people that have one or two of those weekly pill holders that are filled with countless amounts of pills that are all different colors. I hate to break it to them but they only need about 4 or 5 of those to lose weight effectively. And yes, it is more than possible to take too much of a vitamin, or too many vitamins. Throughout this article I will list the 4 most important vitamins to take to promote weight loss, as well as the ways in which they help you.

The most important supplement to take every morning is, by far, a multivitamin! The benefits of taking a multivitamin are so lengthy that I will need a whole article to cover them (which I will write very shortly- keep an eye out for it). To sum all of the benefits up into one sentence: it gives you the minimum requirement of almost all of the vitamins that you need for your body to function properly. If you visit any grocery or drug store you will probably be surprised at the wide selection of multivitamins that they have to offer. The truth of this matter is that all of the brands roughly offer the exact same thing, it is just a matter of personal preference.

The seconds most important supplement to take every morning is the legendary vitamin B12(Cyanocobalamin)/Folic Acid. The reason that I put B12 and Folic Acid together is because they are two halves of a bigger picture, and they are usually sold together as a combination. These vitamins are extremely important for both metabolism and energy production. If you imagine your metabolism and energy as a car and its engine, you can imagine these vitamins as premium gasoline and synthetic oil. The car can run without them, but it definitely runs better and more efficiently with them. Furthermore, when your metabolism runs faster and energy is used more efficiently, more fat is burned at a faster pace.

The third most important supplement to take every morning is magnesium. It is a bit more complicated but the consumption of magnesium doesn't directly help you, but the lack of magnesium causes, among other things, muscle weakness. Since your metabolism is directly correlated to the strength of your muscles, weaker muscles mean a weaker and less efficient metabolism; moreover, this will lead to losing less fat, and losing fat at a slower rate. Consuming magnesium daily will avoid all of this!

Last but not least, the fourth most important supplement to take every morning is omega. The consumption of omega promotes the production of more energy, and a much more restful sleep. An increase in the amount of energy produced translates into an increase in the amount of fat burned. And a much more restful sleep will allow you to burn fat more efficiently during the following day. When you combine these two benefits, you get a vitamin that is crucial for an effective fat burning arsenal.

There are many other vitamins to take that have benefits that include and do not include weight loss; however, I feel that, using the reasons that I have provided, these 4 vitamins will give your body all that it needs to help you lose weight when taken on a daily basis. There are also many other vitamins and minerals that will help you lose weight; however, anything that is not listed in this article can commonly be found in a plethora of foods that we eat regularly.