The case of the strange eating habit of Bill Clinton

What weird food does Bill Clinton eat?

What weird food does Bill Clinton eat? It seems that every president has some type of quirk. Grover Cleveland had a rubber jaw, George Washington’s wooden teeth. Due to Willies personal life being drug out in public we probably know more about him than any other president. Bill Clinton has the strange tendency to eat the entire apple. That includes the apple core.

The Myths

Someone nicknamed “Slick Willie” is bound to have a great deal of rumors. These can range from the core of the apple to his preferred type of cigar. It is a Gurkha if your interested. He even played saxophone on MTV. When it comes to fruit William eats everything right down to the center. While most people would throw the core away the president does not allow such a fate.

Understanding a legend

Bill Clinton does not only eat apple cores. His history includes a multitude of achievements. He saw the nation through both a boom and a bust. Trade relations with foreign countries expanded with NAFTA and the US had rapid involvement in several small conflicts. In the end the presidential approval ratings would be among the highest for any politician in office. After his second term he left with the highest outgoing approval rating in the entire history of the US. Even to this day he is one of the great presidents.

Harsh Realities

Bill Clinton’s achievements did not come without setbacks. Many on the left have long been upset at his signing of NAFTA of which they feel has been responsible for extensive offshoring. His tendency to compromise also drew heat as many want their president to represent their party. Perhaps most complicated was his sexual history. The high-profile affair that occurred between him and Monica Lewinsky placed his entire term into jeopardy. To get to the core of the matter his impeachment and nearly being thrown out of office as partisan voting lines attempted his removal. In the end he remained in office serving his second term until term limits prevented his return.