young womanBelieve it or not guys, you'd be surprised to find out exactly what women find attractive. We've been told a lot of things growing up as boys becoming men. We've all heard women tell us that they want a kind and caring, yet chivalrous and honest guy to "sweep them off their feet". While these things are relatively true, there's a lot more to it than just being sweet and chivalrous.

So what's the truth?

Well, it's all a simple miscommunication between the sexes. Finding out what women find attractive isn't necessarily that difficult if you decided to follow what women SAY about the guys they're dating and what they are attracted to rather than what they say about an "ideal" guy in general.

For instance, a woman tells you that she wants a guy to be sweet and to romance her and to buy things for her. Yet the guy she's with (and all of her past boyfriends) tease her and rarely gives her what she wants in terms of gifts.

Follow the clues. Not the words. They want you to figure it out. It's fun!

Of course, it's true, most women do enjoy being romanced and treated well. But this is usually the case after an attraction has already been established between a man and a woman. Imagine you've been told that women want a guy to be up front from the beginning and sweet and caring and all that jazz, then you try it and fail miserably. Yeah, it's never pretty.

What women find attractive in a man initially has more to do with his personality and self-confidence than how he looks. Looks do count for something of course when it comes to attraction, but not as much as it does with men. Personality is important because this is what builds the attraction with women.

Just giving a woman everything she asks for or sending a thousand compliments her way is not what women find attractive. It requires having fun with her in a playful way, enjoying her company, and simply building a rapport with her. It's all about communication at first. What and how are you communicating is what builds that attraction, everything from your words to your body language.

You want to build some kind of friendly relationship at first, but not in a "let's just be friend's way". Instead, by flirting and teasing her in a confident and playful way, you communicate that you are comfortable with yourself and with her and that you're interested in getting to know her but that she isn't "your entire universe".

In other words, play it cool, have fun, and believe that you have nothing to lose. Read that last part again. Indifference is a key to success in almost any area of life. In other words, have no fear of failure. You can't fail if you have nothing to lose right? Women find indifference in a man quite attractive. But not indifferent in that you don't care, indifferent in that you're confident, and you don't care about the outcome.

As a guy learning what women find attractive, if you're starting out and you're looking to build attraction with women, simply be indifferent to the outcome. Remember (if you can) how you treat your little sister or a girl on the playground as a little boy. You don't care what they think of you in terms of how it will affect your behavior because you're self-assured and self-confident. You're true to your core and you tell it like it is. No sugar coating.

This simple shift in your thinking will allow you to just relax and have fun and let nature take care of itself. Women find men who are confident and in control of themselves quite attractive. This is the first and main thing to remember when discovering what women find attractive.