It is said that a woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. What goes on in a woman's mind is difficult to figure out. One reason why one can't understand women is because the way that women process their emotions and thoughts is different from the way men process their emotions. Even Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, couldn't figure out a woman's thought process. When it comes to choosing a partner, it is very difficult to tell what women want in a man. In fact, if you ask a woman what she wants she probably doesn't know herself she just feels it.

Let's explore what most women find important in a man. A woman will not expect a guy to be wimpy. Confidence is the first thing a woman looks out for in a man. Her man should be confident in whatever he does. He should not apologize and should be himself, instead of pretending. Her man should have a great sense of humor. No woman wants a boring man who pretends to be something they are not. Women appreciate men who listen to what they say. A woman loves sharing her thoughts and problems with the man she is with. A man must be supportive and understanding. Whenever she talks she wants her man to listen to her attentively, and giving necessary feedback at times is always appreciated. Women love a man who is romantic and goes that extra mile for her. Women adore men who are chivalrous, they like being on the arm of a gentleman. Women love the gentlemanly actions such as opening doors for her, having a protective arm around her whenever she is in trouble or if there is any danger and helping her with the chores.

As women are an emotional species, they love men who are sensitive. Women want their men to be there for her always, to let her know that they care and share their emotions. They want men to spend some quality time with her, no matter how busy they are. Women want to be the most important person in their men's lives. Women love surprises and also love to be pampered. Women like men to be generous, and loyal. Women want men of good character and to be able to trust. A woman likes to be respected by her man. The first thing what women want in a man physically, is that he should be well built and strong. Of course these things are only the beginning of what women want there is so much more.

Now that we know what women want in there significant other it's time to discuss what women don't want in their men. Women never like clingy men who expect to be told everything. No woman likes a doormat for a boyfriend. Women do not want to be taken for granted. Women do not like being abandoned by their men or made to feel they are less important than everything else. The number one thing women find abhorrent in their men is the man who hurts her emotionally. Insensitivity is a common trait in most men which can lead to insufferable pain in a woman. Women do not like having to chase their men down for their attention. Unfortunately most men have a few of these qualities if not all of them. Some of these qualities lead women to think that they can fix their man when in actuality they can't, unless of course he is willing to change his own behavior to make her feel more loved.

The average woman has been brought up to believe the fairy tale. The prince on his white steed rushing to rescue her from her dull life and they will live happily ever after. The fact is due to this way of thinking most women are never satisfied in their relationships. Women have a way of finding fault in just about anything a man does or says, due to the unrealistic dream of prince charming. No man can measure up to the fantasy man women have had embedded in their heads since they were little girls, which is an unfortunate reality.

What women want in a man and what they actually receive are two very different things. Women for the most part get the insensitive, harsh, brooding, confused man. Confused because he just doesn't know what it is that will make his woman happy, and thinks her expectations of him are unrealistic and he can't figure out why she's not happy with the way he is. Now they are at a standstill neither one willing to budge an inch.

However with a little insight into each other and some understanding on both sides women can actually get pretty close to their ideal prince charming. Once a woman releases the fantasy man in her head and can actually see her man for who and what he is she will be so much happier.