Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment

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Breast cancer has increasingly affected a growing number of women around the world. It has become one of the top ten leading causes of deaths among women in the adult category. Statistically, more than 250,000 cases of breast cancer were reported in 2001 in the United States alone, and continue to grow as the years went by. Growing concerns about breast cancer and its effects on a woman's health have caught the attention of medical practitioners around to formulate a strategy to arrest the development of this health risk.

Breast cancer is a malignancy problem commonly occurring among women. It occurs in the breast when malignant tumors, caused by cancerous cells, grow and affect the surrounding tissues in the body. It is hardly noticeable at its early stages; the presence of which is confirmed usually by doctors using mammograms to detect the tumors.

One serious matter that the cancer brings is that it can affect all women. The risk of getting breast cancer increasingly grows as a woman grows older. Some risk factors that accompany the age risk factor are heredity, onset of initial menstruation, alcoholic drinks consumption, use of birth control pills, and lifestyle of the individual. However, it has been found out that practicing breastfeeding to infants significantly decreases the development of breast cancer.

Extensive researches have been done already to find an effective cure to breast cancer, and to alleviate its fatal effects on the individual's health. It has been discovered that Vitamins A, E, and C have a direct correlation to lessening the effects of the cancer. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as doing exercise and eating healthy foods are also indispensable factors in combating breast cancer. As was previously mentioned, mothers should practice breastfeeding as this can help also in the prevention of breast cancer.

Although the researches done by medical experts have shed light on some aspects of the cancer, the results are not yet conclusive to determine the best treatments for breast cancer. The most effective way to prevent the development of the problem into a full-blown cancer is its early detection. Doctors have suggested that women should know how to do self-examinations to detect the cancer at its early stages.

The common signs that women should look out for are changes in the size of the breasts, discharges from the nipples, lumps found in the underarms as well as the breasts, and redness in the skin of the breasts. Women should also take into consideration the scaling in the nipples and the skin of the breast. You should seek medical attention if you detect these early breast cancer symptoms. Of course, another effective prevention of the cancer is to visit your doctor for mammogram tests and regular check-ups. It pays to be knowledgeable about breast cancer and its effects on a woman's health.