What Women Want

Info Barrel is full of articles, but not many of them get read. I look at my content and see only one or two hits, despite churning it with regularity! Hey, I got a lot to say, on apparently a wide number of topics. Info Barrel has many articles with really similar titles on similar subjects. Still we all keep writing, figuring somehow we will get to the top. It's funny that Info Barrel gives point for referring new writers. You would think they have enough stuff listed already that hardly anyone is reading!

I was up late last night after viewing a movie at my friend's house. The movie was called "Rape in the Congo." You can guess what that was about. It was a documentary. There were some graphic shots of women getting raped. I hate the thought of a photographer standing there trying to "get the shot," thinking of nothing but the cover of "Time" while that poor woman was being mutilated. Who is more sick? The rapist or the photographer?

The movie inspired a friend of my friend to join "Women for Women." This program enabled her to adopt one other person in the world. Vicki send $27 monthly to a woman who can use it to rebuild her life, receiving training, food and supplied. There is a photo supplied, and a name of this "sister." It's a very personal connection and the participants are encouraged to write letters.

I'm a woman and what I want isn't public assistance. I want a job where my creative talent would be utilized and my specific skills would be realized. I've done well at everything I've tried my hand at, AND I'd like to do more than that. It isn't about the money any more. There must be more to life than paying down credit cards, and helping my land lord pay down his credit cards, and helping my employer pay down his credit cards.

Why can't I work some where my talents are realized? Where I am of service? It would be so great to have someone see me. If only someone would give me a chance, I would really work for them. I wouldn't be like my strange co-worker. She doesn't think at all, except to put "mail in box – mail in box" over and over again. She works for an hour a day. Mail in Box. She gets so stymied if the box is full. She can't bear it that something is keeping her from her task of "mail in box." But as for me, I'd rather see the big picture. I say hello to my customers, remember their birthdays, enjoy their successes.

If only there were a market for people who care.