What exactly can you buy with one million dollars?  I know inflation has devalued the dollar, but there are still tons of things you could buy.  From luxury items to plain old ridiculous purchases, if you’re a millionaire looking to spend, you have a lot of options.

Millionaires Can Buy A Buffet With Buffett


Warren Buffett(81328)Credit: Wikipedia Commons How much would you be willing to pay to sit down and have a meal with this famous money tycoon?  Surely, you would pick the brain of one of the most money savvy people in the world, asking him how you could improve your financial portfolio.

Well, one Chinese investment firm manager was willing to pay over two million dollars to sit down and have a meal with the billionaire.  He won an auction on eBay and had to pony up some really big money.  Even if you had a million bucks to spend, you only have half of what you need.  Maybe Warren Buffet would have coffee with you, though.

What The Rest Of Us Can Afford

McDonald's(81340)Credit: Wikipedia Commons

I cannot speak for everyone reading this, but I know I'm a huge fan of the dollar value menu.  I'm lucky if I can actually splurge on Applebees, or for special occasions, Red Lobster.

Millionaires Can Buy Ruby Slippers From The Wizard of Oz

Ruby SlippersCredit: Wikipedia Commons



If you’re into bling, you might want to buy the ruby slippers Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz.  In 2000, they sold at auction for $666,000.  With inflation, there’s no guarantee one million dollars would buy them, but you could make an offer.  Retro is in, you know.

What The Rest Of Us Can Afford


Payless ShoeSourceCredit: Wikipedia Commons


Payless ShoeSource has been around for a number of years and most of us can afford to shop there.  Luckily, they run their BOGO sales quite often, so we can get two pairs of slippers for the price of one, if we want.  Take that, Dorothy.


Millionaires Stay In The Finest Hotels


Hotel President WilsonCredit: hotelsoftherichandfamous.com

The Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, will cost you about $65,000 per night.  This is almost perfect since we all get two weeks of vacation per year, right?  After two weeks, you would have a bill waiting for you to the tune of $910,000.


What The Rest Of Us Can Afford


Motel 6Credit: Wikipedia Commons


Personally, I’m a fan of Motel 6.  They leave the light on for me!  When you can get maid service and a clean room for under 80 dollars per night, why would you go anywhere else?

Millionaires Can Buy A Ferrari

Ferrari EnzoCredit: Wikipedia Commons


The Ferrari Enzo will cost you about $670,000, but the chicks will love it.  This thing tops out at 217 mph, so you can outrun the police and save money on  speeding tickets.

There are actually several vehicles out there that cost substantially more than this one, but millionaires seem to really love the Ferrari.  It is a really nice looking ride for certain.  If money was no object, I have to suspect the rest of us would love ot own one as well.  Who wouldn't want to turn some heads when driving around?

What The Rest Of Us Can Afford

Ford TaurusCredit: Wikipedia Commons


We struggle to make our car payments, sometimes willing to go as high as $350 per month on a really, really nice 5 year old mid-size.  We worry about the little things like fuel efficiency, since it saves money.  We worry about how much our insurance will go up when we buy that used Ford Taurus.  What a life of incredible luxury we all live!

Millionaires Can Buy An Audemars Piguet Watch

Audemars Piguet Royal OakCredit: Wikipedia Commons


For about $870,000, you too can own your very own Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Complication watch.  Can you even imagine spending that much on one?

You might have thought Rolex was the standard in timepieces, but apparently not.  Only the super-rich would possibly pay almost a million dollars for a watch.  I suppose that if you really want to look great and accessorize, a good quality watch is an important aspect.

What The Rest Of Us Can Afford

Timex WatchCredit: Wikipedia Commons

Our watches take a licking and keep on ticking.  Luckily for the rest of us, KMart generally runs a 30% off sale at least once a month on watches.  If they didn't there's no way we would ever be willing to fork out the full retail price of $19.99 just for a watch.

Millionaires Can Buy A Good Night’s Sleep

Jado Steel Style Gold BedCredit: extravaganzi.com


Can you imagine paying over $675,000 for a bed?  If you have the money, you can buy a Jado Steel Style Gold Bed and have some money to spare for sheets and pillows. If you were a multi-millionaire, you could afford to get into a good, deep sleep.

What The Rest Of Us Can Afford

Plain Spring MattressCredit: clivir.com


There's nothing quite as nice as getting a new bed from the leader in the industry - Slumberland.  The rest of us make our bed sets look great with the addition of a $69 bed in a bag.

Millionaires Can Buy Chateau Cheval Blanc


Chateau Cheval BlancCredit: Wikipedia Commons


If you really wanted to try the most expensive wine in the world, you could buy a few bottles of 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc.  At about $304,000 per bottle, you better enjoy every sip.  

What The Rest Of Us Can Afford

Wine in a BoxCredit: Wikipedia Commons


Most of us probably prefer malt beverages, but when we 'splurge' for a fancy party, the wine comes in a nice box.


Maybe It Seems Unfair - Is It Really?


That's okay.  They have money, but we have real friends.  Friends that love us even if we fall flat on our faces, or don't have the status symbol watches and cars.  Our friends are our friends because they like us, not because we drive fancy cars and stay in the finest hotels.  How many stories have you heard of the super rich losing it all?  I've hear a few and I doubt their friends were still their friends when the money was gone.