For those of you who live in countries such as the US or Australia, then you will know that Mother’s Day is coming up in May.

Sometimes, we take our Mothers for granted so it is good to have this day every year where we can celebrate and appreciate all that our Mothers do for us. This article will give you ideas on what you can buy for your Mum. For those of you on a tight budget or for those of you who want to make an effort on this day for your Mum, I have also given ideas on the nice things that you can do which won’t break the budget.

First I am going to talk about things you can do for your Mum that doesn’t involve you having to spend a whole heap of money.

One Mother’s Day, my sister and I made breakfast for our Mum. In the early hours of Mother’s Day one year, we woke up early and took out all the ingredients that we had bought the day before and had hidden in our fridge. We then made Mum a great big breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled tomato and toast. Along with a freshly brewed hot cup of tea. When she woke up and discovered the hot and delicious breakfast that was waiting for her, she was very pleasantly surprised. This was a nice gesture that we could do for our Mum and it showed her that we love her and appreciate all the times that she has made our breakfasts.

Just by making breakfast for her on Mother's Day can start her day happily.

Making a Breakfast for your Mum will delight herCredit: Photo of breakfast

Another nice thing that you can do for your Mum is to bake a cake. And this could be a fun thing that you could do together. This allows you to spend time with your Mum and have special bonding time. All you need to do is get a cake recipe which you can find on the internet and then go out to a grocery store to get all the ingredients. You will both have so  much fun putting the ingredients together and putting the cake batter into a cake tin and then placing it into a hot oven. After about an hour, you will both have a decadent and delicious cake to eat and enjoy.

Something else you can do for your Mum is to get her a beautiful bunch of flowers. Now I know that bunches of flowers can be extremely expensive when you buy them from a floral shop. So if you want to give her flowers but are on a tight budget, then just pick some flowers from the garden. I am sure that your mum will be delighted with the flowers as well as the sentiment and it shows that you care for her to give her flowers, even if it didn’t cost you anything.

Another thing you could do that will not cost you much is to make a card. Draw a colourful and nice picture on a card. The nice thing about giving a card is what is written inside. You can write a thoughtful message to your Mum about how much you appreciate her and how much she means to you. I am sure that your special words will make her feel so happy and appreciated.

Now moving onto things that you can buy for your Mother. The first thing you can buy is something that I bought when I was on a students’ budget. I was in a novelty shop and saw a mug with the words, “Very Special Mummy”. As soon as I saw this, I knew that I had to get it for my Mummy. And when she opened the present and saw the mug, she was very happy. She still uses that mug to drink her afternoon tea.

A nice Mug makes a great presentCredit: Photo of the mug that I bought my Mum

Another very thoughtful gift that you can buy is a digital photo frame. You just upload your special photographs from your childhood until the present and when the frame is on, the photos are pictured one after the other. One frame that we have can upload up to 1000 photos. This will mean so much to your Mother because you can upload pictures of when you were a child and also photos of the whole family members as well as special friends.

Another gift that you could give your mum is a cookbook. Most Mothers like to cook for the family as a way of taking care of her family. A meal that is made from a cookbook that you buy her will be all that much dearer her.

If you really do not have any funds to buy your Mum a present, then don’t worry. You don’t need money to show how much you care for your her. When you see her when she wakes up on Mother’s Day, a simple kiss on the cheek and an endearing hug can make her feel warm and special.

Mother’s Day is just one day of the year that we celebrate all that our Mothers do for us. So please tell your Mum how important she is to you and you will surely make her day memorable and special.