Biking can be a fun and healthy activity for those who want to travel in a more economical and environment-friendly way. However, just like any means of transportation, biking can also lead to road accidents. In many instances, bicyclists are overlooked by vehicle drivers when on the road.


According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), roughly 8,000 bikers were killed while 700,000 others were injured in the past decade because of bike accidents. In California, there were 109 deaths related to bike accidents in 2007. Victims of bicycle accidents which happened due to the negligence of an individual can demand for compensation, and getting help from an attorney in California can strengthen their case.


Bicyclists can avoid any road accident if they will follow safety procedures before traveling. Road safety advocates suggest these steps to reduce possibilities of a bike accident:


  1. Use a headlight. Many bike accidents occur during nighttime that is why it is imperative for bicyclists to have a headlight. Bicyclists are also advised to have a light attached on their helmet to be efficiently visible on dark roads.
  2. Install honk. Having a loud horn on your bike can help you avoid accidents. You can use it to get noticed whenever a car is moving near or towards you.
  3. Install mirrors. Installing mirror on your bicycle gives you more security against incoming vehicles. You can use the mirror to gauge the distance between your bicycle and other vehicles.
  4. Remember to slow down. If a car does not give you the right-of-way, it is best to just slow down to prevent any accident. It is inconvenient, but it can save your life.
  5. Bike further left. Commonly, car drivers do not look on the bike lane rather on the middle lane that it is why you should take extra care when using bicycle ways.
  6. Ride on wide streets. The wider the road, the better. Wide streets can accommodate bikers properly.


There are dangers in biking, no doubt about that, but you can reduce it just by taking extra precaution. Always assume that an accident may happen anytime and anywhere. Bicyclists who were involved in an accident can always acquire help from an Attorney in California to secure and protect their rights.