Being a nanny can be a very rewarding job with a desirable salary. However, becoming one isn't as simple as filling out a job application to a supermarket. The biggest part about being a nanny is making a positive impact on the child's life, while simultaneously taking care of them. Considering that children are often considered to be a family's most important asset, being a nanny requires a lot of responsibility, along with the trust of your employers. So how can you assure your potential employers that you're a trustworthy person?

The best way to do this would be to become a part of a nanny agencies. These services give parents a peace of mind, knowing that they are selecting a nanny among hundreds of high-quality people. However, getting admitted into one of these agencies isn't a simple process. To get admitted, you must undergo a series of screening tests to ensure that you're a person worthy of caring for a child.

The first part of this screening is a full background check. Things checked during this part of the screening include anything from criminal records to financial history. In order to verify yourself, it's a good idea to have reliable references who the agencies can contact upon request. These references can include any professionals from teachers to previous employers. An even better reference would be from a family who's child you once cared for.

Nannies must also be healthy from a medical standpoint; this means that you will be checked for diseases that could be spread to a child under your care. Another part of this screening is checking for other medical problems that may detain you from properly taking care of your employer's child. Nannies must also be healthy from a psychological standpoint. This next portion of the screening will ensure you're a mature and responsible person who's capable of looking after a child.

If you pass all of these screenings, you will be admitted into the agency. This will help solidify your good name, and set you on the right path for a position. So while being a child's caretaker can be both lucrative in fun, it's still not a simple process or job; you are solely responsible for the child's well-being under your care. This is why application processes are so incredibly important for nannies wanting to join agencies!