To most of us, Donald Trump is a bigger than life caricature with the comb over hair, the distinctive speaking style, and the endless self promotion.  In reality though, he is somewhat of a marketing genius. 

Build a Brand

Nobody has made themselves into a brand better than Donald Trump has.  He has made the Trump name synonymous with the high end lifestyle.

Everything he touches must be of the utmost in quality; whether it is his hotels, building developments, golf courses, or any of his other numerous business ventures.  The name Trump carries a sense of elegance.

He has done this through a relentless focus on quality and customer satisfaction.  Every minute detail down to the shining of the bathroom faucets are considered important because it is seen by the customer.  Any blemish is considered a scar on the Trump brand.

By engaging in endless self promotion he has been able to get a lot of free publicity because wherever he goes he is more than happy to talk to everyone about his businesses.  He hasn’t shied away from the spotlight.


Donald Trump has also exhibited a fearless tenacity throughout his business career.  He had early success followed by a near bankruptcy and then back to success again. 

Even in the depths of possible failure he was tenacious in his belief in his businesses and properties.  He knew the value of them and fought for his survival because he knew he would succeed in the end.

Many people get themselves in a tough spot that seems like fighting would be fruitless and they give up.  Even though he faced great odds in his near bankrupt experience, he fought through it because he knew he would prevail.


Donald Trump definitely is not afraid of a fight.  If he believes in something he will fight for it.  He has been known to throw barbs through the media and isn’t afraid to take on all challengers.

This fire and competitive spirit of trying to always be number one has helped him through the rough times.  It has also helped him portray his image as the brand that everyone has to have.  It must be if he is fighting for it so hard.


We all could learn a little bit from Donald Trump, and following some of his practices could help us all do better in our daily lives and businesses.