Leaf Blowers Are Some Of The Most Popular Garden Tools

What You Don't Know About Leaf Blowers Could Hurt You!Credit: http://www.morguefile.comLeaf blowers. If you have never used one you have certainly heard one. If not in your own neighborhood then for sure while walking or driving almost anywhere.

If you own one or have had occasion to use one or more of them you may be familiar with their ability to do a lot of work quickly but at the same time cause physical or emotional injury.

Physical injury is quickly apparent the moment you start the machine. The powerful fans in these units are exceptionally noisy and if you are not wearing ear protection you will certainly over time damage your hearing.

Be Sure To Use The Proper Safety Protection

Don't be lulled into thinking that a few short periods working with leaf blowers will not be harmful. Hearing damage creeps up on you over time and once it occurs it is very difficult to correct and will never be fully restored.

In addition you should absolutely wear eye protection at all times around these machines. It takes only an instant to have an object ricochet off the ground or a wall and strike your face causing permanent damage. Like any good tool you must use it wisely.

OK. That is the physical damage. How you may ask could leaf blowers cause emotional injury? If you have used one you probably have already witnessed some of the symptoms. For instance if you have an electric unit have you sometimes wished that the electrical cord would just disappear.Electric Leaf BlowersCredit: http://www.morguefile.com

How many times can one little cord get tangled in brush, outdoor objects or your own feet. And if you have a model with a poor cord connection how often have you had to bend down and pick up the loose power cord and reconnect it?

Ah no problem you think. I'll just get one of those gas powered leaf blowers. No cords to worry about there. Yes indeed but how about the gas and oil you will need to have on hand and the additional maintenance with spark plugs and other mechanical items?

Also make sure you choose a model with spring loaded or other means of pull start help or you may find yourself with a sore wrist after pulling the starter cord a dozen or more times each time you need to start it.

Some of the most convenient models combine a vacuum with a blower which can be a very useful addition. You can first blow leaves or debris in to piles, switch to vacuum and quickly vacuum the piles. Watch out for emotional strife here though.

Many models have cumbersome methods which require the skills of a magician to make the switch between blower and vacuum especially on some backpack models.

Check the leaf bag out closely also. You want the bag to be large enough so you don't have to be constantly emptying it but not so large that it becomes extremely heavy especially when picking up wet leaves. Is the bag easy to empty?

Most have zipper or velcro closures but you should make sure the opening is large enough to quickly empty the contents. The bag should be easily removed and reattached to the blower also.

Please don't consider this article as a condemnation of leaf blowers. Nothing could be further from the truth. The first thing we noticed when we began a review of the many models available from Amazon was that previous owners love these machines and no self respecting lawn maintenance company would leave home without at least a couple of them on the truck.

A Litte Review Will Help You Choose the Best Of the Leaf Blowers

WhatTroy-Bilt TB4BP 32cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered 150 MPH Back Pack BlowerCredit: Amazon  we hope to point out is that leaf blowers as with any other power tool have good and bad designs as well  as requiring simple precautions such as ear and eye protection. A little time spent at Amazon reviewing customer comments will quickly give you the information you need in order to choose the best unit for your situation and budget.  We also found that  in most cases Amazon has the best prices for these machines. Why not get started with your research now by Clicking Here. Your physical and emotional feelings will be glad you did.