All moves abroad are stressful and the whole experience can be a traumatic one if you don’t hire the services of a professional international moving company. Besides the problems associated with ensuring that all your worldly goods are packed and gaining international clearance for all these items, the overall cost of a move abroad can stretch even the most liberal budget. You can help yourself by leaving behind unnecessary items and pack as lightly as possible as companies generally charge by weight. It’s common for people to grow attached to their possessions but transporting them could be more trouble than they’re worth. Leave certain items behind and make a fresh start.

Common sense doesn’t often prevail here as those moving abroad want to keep all their clothes without even thinking about whether these items are actually needed. In reality, leaving clothes behind is about the easiest thing you can do. If you are moving from Colorado to Western Australia for example, you can ditch the winter clothes! Besides, you can raise money for your new life by selling your clothes at a yard sale or even online.

Look around any American home and you will find a ridiculous amount of paperwork lying around. Whether these papers are office related, old bank statements, outdated lease agreements or education related material, modern technology enables you to transport these in a much easier fashion. You can scan important documents and upload them onto a memory card. If you can’t destroy certain important papers, leave them with a trusted relative or place them in long-term storage.

Personal Possessions
For most people, these are the most difficult things to leave behind. No one expects you to throw away items that have sentimental value or real significance but do you really need to bring your DVD player and wide screen television with you overseas? Also, electrical appliances such as a hairdryer, electric razor or iron can be left behind and bought in your next country. You should be able to sell your DVD player and television for a decent price. Stationary should also be left behind because there is no point transporting items that are cheap and can be easily purchased overseas. Also, there is every chance that your old appliances will need an international adaptor in order to work properly in a new country.

We often hear stories of people paying a small fortune to have their car transported overseas. While it’s true that some people have an emotional attachment to their vehicle, bringing a car overseas simply adds more stress and expense to proceedings. You should consider selling your car to bring in much needed revenue. There is always the possibility of using long-term storage but if you intend on leaving permanently, this is not a viable option. A final option is to bequeath it to a relative or friend. Transporting a car overseas is notoriously expensive and it’s probably not worth the extra cash. Purchasing a car in your new country is likely to be the most cost effective option.

In basic terms, only bring essential items with you when going overseas. Any additional items will only add stress and expense to your journey and you need all the money you can to help you with your new start.

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