Baby is Coming

A Bouncy Seat is What You Need For a Baby

If you are going to be a proud new parent soon and you want to know what you need for a baby you have come to the right place. You will no doubt be told that you need dozens of different things before you new addition comes home, but the truth is that what you need for a baby to be comfortable and happy in the first several weeks of life is really very little.

Here's What You Need


For starters, your baby will spend most of the time sleeping in the early days and weeks, and the most comfortable way for newborn babies to sleep is in a bassinet. A crib is great and you will certainly want one in the future but a baby will be happier in the confined space that a bassinet provides. You see, a baby is used to being tightly crammed into a small space, and the large open area of a crib can make your new baby uncomfortable. A bassinet will do quite nicely for several weeks. Opt for a bassinet that can be easily broken down and stored for a future use or to lend to someone else. It is the perfect newborn baby bed.


Now that you have a place to let him or her sleep, what you need for a baby to be comfortable is some comfortable baby clothes. For the first several weeks of life, most clothing types are optional. All your baby really needs are onesies, sleepers with or without enclosed feet, socks, and a nice warm hat. That’s it. Unless you are too excited to hold back you can worry about clothes like jeans or shoes later. You really won’t want to dress a newborn in this stuff anyway unless you are going to a special occasion. Keep it simple and just get what you really need at first.


Toys for a newborn are very optional. A newborn baby can’t really play with a toy anyway, so you would be better off spending your money on something that your new addition can really enjoy, and that means appealing to his or her sense of sound or motion. Music is a tremendous gift for a newborn baby and it stimulates the mind and often will sooth a baby when needed – but not always. Just don’t get into the habit of playing music every night at bedtime or you will never be able to stop. Too much routine here can work against you later. There are wonderful albums for kids available, so you won’t have much trouble finding one that you like too.


As for what you need for a baby to feel motion, opt for the bouncy seat or bouncy chair. This may well be your number one favorite daytime thing that you own to keep your baby happy. There are times when you just need time to do housework or lay down, and the bouncy seat is a very comfortable place for a little one to sit in a way that they can observe their surroundings and learn that kicking their little feet gets them some awesome bounces. You may like this so much you will travel with it.


What You Need Before Baby Comes Home

You will need some blankets for the little one. At first you will want to wrap up the baby quite well for him or her to sleep. Remember, they are used to tight spaces and this cold air doesn’t feel good at all. A few thin blankets to carry out this wrap up will do nicely. While you are in the baby linen section, pick up a 10 pack of cloth diapers. Not the fancy new kind but the old-fashioned white rectangle kind that are to be fastened with safety pins. Don’t worry; you don’t need them to be diapers. They make the absolute best burp cloth you can buy and they are cheap to boot. These will be your favorite accessory for when you don’t want a shoulder full of drool or spit-up. Since they are diapers, they will also give you plenty of time if the baby spits up to take it away before anything seeps onto your furniture or clothes.


Of course, with a baby in the house you will need to take care of the diapers. One thing you can do before the birth is carefully weigh the difference between cloth and disposable diapers to see which one suits you and then get them purchased and ready for when the baby comes home. In addition to diapers you will want some wipes or wash cloths to do the cleaning.


Finally, you need a good car seat suitable for a newborn baby. If you really want to be happy with this purchase get a car seat and stroller combo so that you can remove the card seat and click it into the stroller when you are on the go. This is easily the best option for you. The baby will fall asleep here and there and to be able to keep him or her in the car seat buckled up while you run into the store will be worth its weight in gold.

What You Don't Need

Here are a few suggestions of what you don’t need. First, you don’t need an expensive crib set that pads the crib. In fact, check out recommendations on these products as there have been studies indicating that it is best to leave them off. You don’t need all sorts of toys and stuffed animals. They can wait until your baby starts to check out his surroundings. Assuming you are breastfeeding, you don’t need any food, cups, silverware, or bottles of any kind.

Keep it Simple

Outfitting your home for a baby can be very easy. At a minimum you just need the bassinet, sleep clothes, blankets, car seat, and diapers. For a little fun you need the music or videos and a bouncy seat. That is really all that you need for a baby at first. Of course, love, patience, and the ability to run on less sleep will be important too.

Hopefully this helps you to avoid all the confusion you may be feeling and focus on only what you need for a baby to get started. You can keep it simple.