If you want to be able to work from home you should think about making sure that you have the right set up. This does not necessarily you are going to have to fork out a small fortune or buy a new computer. You probably already have everything you need already so let's go through a checklist to make sure you are pretty much ready for anything.

When people want to get started working from home typing, specifically when they are thinking about using their typing skills to start earning some extra cash they do not always plan things through. People either tend to go overboard and spend money they do not need to such as buying an expensive copy of Microsoft Office or even buying a new computer.

At the other end of the spectrum you get the people who do absolutely no preparation and are ill prepared to work from home. They end up running into all sorts of problems and end up feeling they are fighting a losing battle. For this reason it is important to make sure you and your computer are ready to start typing from home.

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Setting up your computer to work from home

There are going to be some essential tools you will need to make sure you can do most admin or typing based work. You will already have the basics, that's assuming you are using your home computer to read this. You certainly need a working PC and a reliable broadband internet connection.

Security and protecting your data

The last thing you need is for your computer to become infected with a virus or even worse end up emailing a virus to your employer or potential employer. Security does not have to be complicated and there are plenty of free antivirus programs that you can download.

If you do not already have anti-virus software then you can use one of the free versions available online such as AVG, Avast or Avira. You do not need additional firewall software because if you are running any version of Windows this software will be part of the system.

Office software for typing documents and accessing spreadsheets

Most people use Microsoft Office for typing documents and opening spreadsheets. You are going to need Office software in order to type documents and be able to open up Word documents and Excel spreadsheets that people send you. If you already have Office then great, if not you can download a program called OpenOffice that will allow you to create and edit Office document and it costs nothing to use.

To get a copy of any of the above mentioned software just search the internet using any search engine. If you type in the name of the program it should come up as the first result. The above programs are no cost options but you may want to search for other version other than the ones I have mentioned, the choice is yours.

Backing up and restoring your computer

What happens if you are in the middle of an urgent job and your computer crashes and it just won't start up again. This is the worst case scenario you need to be prepared for. For this you need to do two things. The first is to ensure you have a regular backing up routine in place.

If you are used to using a computer doing backups should not be a problem. I find the best option is to buy a USB flash drive or you may have heard them referred to as USB memory sticks. They plug into the USB port of your computer and allow you to copy your data onto it in order to keep it safe.

You only need to back up the data relating to your work. It is also handy to do a one off back up of the installation files of the software you use although this is not essential. Backing up your data is essential and should be done at the end of each day.

The second thing you need to do is find out how to restore your computer back to it's factory settings. To do this you are going to have to resort to reading the instructions that came with the computer. There should be a button on the keyboard you can press when the computer starts up that allows you to restore your system.

If you do not happen to have this in place then you can buy cloning software such as Norton Ghost that allows you to create a copy of your computer system. Should the worst happen you can use the copy to restore to your computer (if it's working) or use it to restore onto a new computer.