Most companies are looking for a system that will help bring efficiency and professionalism to the workplace, creating less waste and maintaining better organization on a regular basis. 5S is a system that can accomplish all of these, through systematically encouraging workplace organization to facilitate a productive work environment. You can integrate 5S into your company in any number of ways, but it is the most effective when integrated into the entire organization so that the workplace is uniformly organized.

To benefit from 5S fully, it is important to recognize it as more than a system that you can buy, implement and forget within days. 5S is a philosophy and a culture that you can implement into the atmosphere of the workplace. Like any workplace philosophy, it takes time and effort to translate into an active way of functioning. With some work and commitment, it can be easy to put 5S into effect in your workplace, and even before you have implemented all five pillars, you will start to see the effect that it has on the workplace and its efficiency and productivity.

The Organization of 5S

5S is organized around five pillars, originally in Japanese, which included seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke. In English, the terms respectively refer to sorting, setting in order, shining, standardizing and sustaining. Accordingly, to start implementing 5S, it is important to sort through tools and items in the workplace and differentiate between items that are useful and items that you can recycle or store away. Next, set in order the tools that you identified as useful, and put them in places where they are easy to access by the people who will use them.

The next step is to maintain everything in a functional and orderly manner, making sure that all tools stay clean and working. Standardizing will make it easier to do this, as you will next implement a routine for cleaning and maintaining. Finally, facilitating a positive work culture that places a high value on these steps will help ensure that the system stays in place long after its initial implementation.

Ways to Implement 5S Around the Workplace

The major point stressed in 5S is organization, and you can get started with the organizational tools you have at hand while waiting for your 5S supplies to arrive. Finding a reliable 5S supplier online makes it simple to find quality organizational supplies and educational materials in the same place. Posters and banners in strategic places will serve as an easy reference guide to employees who may need an occasional reminder of the new philosophy. At the same time, quality supplies such as pipe markers and floor tape will help mark off areas where workers need to proceed with caution. The right supply kit should allow your business to identify and organize every aspect of the work environment, keeping required materials at your fingertips and facilitating the continued organization of the area. In time, 5S will become an integral part of your work culture, providing plenty of returns on the initial investment of implementing the system.