Many grill companies make grills under names that are designed to evoke a connection with the concept of grilling; Broil-Mate, Char-Broil, Broil King, Broilmaster and others. One name that at first may seem odd is Napoleon Gourmet Grills. Napoleon grills have established a reputation for excellence and quality in a relatively short time. Here is everything you need to know about buying a Napoleon grill.

Started back in the 1970's as a wood stove manufacturing company, they have been manufacturing stainless steel grills for some time now. As the barbecuing world took notice, the reputation of Napoleon grills took off. Now, having been making stainless steel grills in their Ontario, Canada plant for a number of years, and drawing on their decades of manufacturing expertise, Napoleon grills are at the top of their game and the market.

With a wide variety of gas grills, charcoal grills and electric grills in their product lineup, Napoleon has many choices in grills. Looking for a portable grill that can take care of the grilling for a large family barbecue at the beach or the park? Got it. Something smaller that you can use on your apartment balcony? Sure thing. A large built-in unit for the outdoor kitchen you are planning? Napoleon has that, too. It's safe to say that as long as you've got the budget for it, you can find a Napoleon grill to satisfy what you're looking for.

Napoleon grills are considered gourmet grills. Although you don't need to be a grill gourmet to enjoy one and learn to use one well, we bring this up because of the prices that typically accompany a Napoleon grill. While their flagship models reside in the Prestige lines, which include the Prestige I, Prestige II, Prestige Pro and the Prestige V lines, each one of these will set you back more than 1,000 dollars. Not a single one has a price under that, and that includes buying them online. While the prices are high, Napoleon grills have continued to receive high marks in competitions and reviews continue to praise their build quality and design innovation. The price may be high, but you're getting a lot for what you buy.

If the Prestige lines are a little rich for your blood, Napoleon still has a number of grills that might be a little easier on your wallet. Most of the Ultra Chef line costs under 1,000 bucks with only a few rising above that magic number. Napoleon's Mirage line has a few under 1,000 bucks while most of the Mirage line of Napoleon grills will run you more than 1,000. If 500 dollars is your limit, Napoleon has their Portable line. While they say they're portable, don't think they are less qualified to cook up a mess of barbecue. A trio of Napoleon's Portable grills offer 215 square inches of grilling space with a 105 square inch warming rack that can fold away when not being used. Differing only by their power and method of cooking (electric or propane and infrared or tube burner), they are not to be dismissed simply because they are called "portable".

Although they aren't cheap, Napoleon stainless steel grills look great, have an excellent reputation and can cook up whatever you ask them to. If you bring your A game, they will too. If you love that barbecue as much as we do, take a look at a Napoleon grill for your next grill. If you take care of it, it might be the last one you need to buy.