Special Tips About Nicotine Gum

The Most Important Things to Know About Cheap Nicotine Gum

Cheap nicotine gum is an excellent way to stop smoking. This effective smoking cessation method uses quick-acting measured doses of nicotine delivered through chewing gum to replace cigarettes as your primary nicotine delivery system. You still get the quick and fast acting bursts of nicotine that your brain and body are used to and addicted to, but, generally speaking, chewing gum as a delivery system is far safer than inhaling scalding smoke that is packed with over 400 known carcinogens. Now, this is not to say that chewing cheap nicotine gum is entirely without risks, or that you should do it forever and never worry about its potential health consequences. Chewing cheap nicotine gum does in fact have risks. One constant worry circulating amongst doctors and health professionals is that patients will become as addicted to the cheap nicotine gum as they were originally to cigarettes themselves. This is a real risk - many people have managed to stop smoking cigarettes but continue chewing the nicotine gum.

While you may think - what's the big deal? - there are in fact distinct risks to chewing nicotine gum. For one thing, nicotine is a vasoconstricting substance. That is to say that it causes the blood vessels in the body to tighten, making it more difficult for the cardiovascular system to get blood to and from the various areas of the body that require constant oxygen. This is one way that smoking cigarettes strains the heart, although even nicotine alone can have this effect. Before you start chewing massive amounts of nicotine gum, you need to make sure your doctor clears you for its use - people with heart problems or a family history of cardiovascular disease need to especially consult a physician before and during use of nicotine gum as a smoking cessation technique.

Cheap nicotine gum also has a couple of surprises in store for new users that just start popping pieces without consulting the included literature. One common and unpleasant side effect of cheap nicotine gum in new users is a constant unpleasant hiccuping. Another symptom that accompanies nicotine gum related hiccuping is a feeling of intense chest tightness or constriction. This is due to the fact that a body that is not used to swallowing liquid nicotine mixtures, like a cheap nicotine gum chewer's own saliva, is likely to perceive the mixture as an irritation and bristle against it. This can cause some initial concern and discomfort to new cheap nicotine gum chewers, but it's not usually sufficiently disturbing to cause new users to stop. It's just something to be aware of if you're about to start using cheap nicotine gum as your smoking cessation therapy of choice.

Meanwhile, all patients beginning to use cheap nicotine gum to stop smoking also need to be aware of the potential for nicotine gum chewing to lead to an increased risk of gum diseases. This is due to the fact that nicotine also constricts the blood vessels inside of your gums and other oral linings. Although the clinical results for this claim are relatively inconclusive one way or another, all patients trying to quit smoking by chewing cheap nicotine gum should at least be aware of the potential for gingival complications or gum disease.