Clubs and societies have also been known to stamp people's hand on entering the residence as verification that they have paid entrance fees. The problem with this is that similar stamps can easily be made. Also, the ink can smudge - making the print illegible. Furthermore, in certain cases, the ink may contain allergens which may irritate people with very sensitive skin.

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Even today, we do not know who invented rubber stamps. What we do know is that a man by the name of J.F.W. Dorman is said to have commercialized the process for the first time in 1865 when he opened his first business in Baltimore, America.

Business stamps can be purchased from most stationery stores. In addition, rubber stamps can be bought to specification over the internet where customers are offered the opportunity to personalize their own.

Rubber stamps are easy and quick to apply, ready-made when bought or customized for a business. However, they can easily leak, stain and dry up if not looked after carefully. Also, if an official stamp is lost, then that company is at risk of severe fraud and precautionary measures need to be carried out to ensure that measures are in place to prevent this from happening.

There is no question that they meet the requirements of business corporations, offices and education for a relatively small cost. If the idea of forking out for rubber-mounted stamps does not rock your boat, there is a cheaper alternative: an un-mounted rubber stamp.

These stamps are not only cheaper than their rubber-mounted counterparts, they are also smaller. Because they are so small, storage is never an issue. When using an un-mounted rubber stamp, a clear mounted block allows you to precisely place your stamp as opposed to guessing with the mounted version. This is clearly an advantage and in this respect, they  exceed the capabilities of the mounted variety. However, the grip on the cheaper un-mounted version can be an issue which can affect the overall clarity of the print produced.

Whether mounted or un-mounted, the rubber stamp is no doubt a fun, fast, efficient and effective way of imprinting messages, logos and dates onto a variety of media for a relatively small amount of money.

Follow this method for a tried and tested form of printing. Stamps are still being used nearly 150 years after J.F.W. Dorman commercialized them. As they say: 'the proof is in the printing!'