Making money on the internet can be an easy or a hard task. It depends on many things. The website you may be writing for could be bad, you may not have time to write the masses of content you need to make a steady residual income, or you may be struggling to find topics to write articles on. Infobarrel can help with all of these problems.

Infobarrel is a great website. Not only do you get 75% of all page impressions, but the admin and other writers are extremely helpful. Many share what they earn on a monthly basis to help new writers understand the dynamics of making an income online. There are also many topic suggestions that the Admin has put up, allowing any writer that cannot think of a fresh topic at the moment to peruse the selection and get some inspiration. Infobarrel is also anti-spam. The first ten articles are all approved by a human being, which means that spammers are securely kept out. Finally, Infobarrel's easy interface and topic suggestion page means that you can save significant amounts of time, which in the end means you can write more articles. So what do you need to make money on Infobarrel?

1. This may seem straightforward, but you need some way to monetize your articles. Google Adsense will provide the meat of your earnings, but dont forget to include an Amazon or Chikita account as well. If you're already writing, why not use every tool that you have available to maximize your earnings? Besides, after making these accounts, you just set them up with your Infobarrel account and forget them. Of course don't forget to check them to see how much you have earned!

2. You need inspiration. And by inspiration, I mean a number of things. You need to set a goal for yourself. This goal can be a number of different things. Perhaps you want to write 100 articles in a month. Or maybe you want to write 2 articles every day until you reach 500 articles. Maybe your goal is monetary, for example: 300$ a month in Adsense earnings by the end of month 6 of your writing experience here on Infobarrel. My goal is to put up 100 articles from now until the end of the year. Ive worked it out, and if I write 1.2 articles a day, I will have succeeded. Of course, some days I won't write at all, but other days I may pump out 5-10 articles to make up for my shortfall. My overall goal is to reach 1000 articles on Infobarrel by the end of 2011. But as you can see, I have subdivided my goal into smaller parts, to make it more feasible and measureable.

Secondly, you need ideas. You need a system to find ideas and transform them into articles that are worthy of Infobarrel. Everyone has a different system for generating ideas to write about, and it's up to you to figure out how you are going to reach your goals.

3. Finally, you need patience. Writing online is a waiting game. Simply throwing up 10 articles and expecting to make loads of money is unrealistic. I know, I have been there, and thought the same way. Masses of content and time are key to making a good residual income not just on Infobarrel, but on other sites as well. As articles age, they gain domain authority and move up in the search engine rankings. This means more traffic, and ultimately more clicks on your ads. And to top this off, Infobarrel itself is a growing website. When it hits a high PR ranking, the traffic will increase tremendously. That is when these old articles will really start to shine. The key is to invest early (time in writing articles) and to be patient, to let your articles "appreciate" in worth (let them and Infobarrel gain domain authority).

With these three things, you can succeed on Infobarrel, just like many other authors have done. Look at the top 100 list on the front page. Check out the top ten writers and you will see what you need to start making a decent residual income on Infobarrel.