Bringing home your first HDTV is an exciting experience, and chances are that you just want to get your TV home and start watching in high definition. Before you can do that, you need to have your TV hooked up with the right cables, the right connections, the right modes and the right channels. Avoid some of the most common errors that people experience when setting up an HDTV and make sure that your viewing experience is as high definition as it can possibly be.

Use the Right Connections

Once you have your HDTV home from the store, don’t just connect your devices into the first connection port that you find. Make sure that the ports that you use on the HDTV, your DVD player and your game consoles are all HD ports. There are multiple ports on each of these devices, and they are not all alike in terms of picture quality. If you plan to watch cable, you need to buy an HD box, or HD channels won't look any different to you. Your cable company or favorite wholesaler can help you with this part.

Make sure that you're using HDMI cables for the best picture, as these will offer 1080p viewing with 7.1 channel audio, and all that you need is a single cable per input device. If you're in a pinch and don't have the right cables on hand, try using component cables until you can get your hands on HDMI. These will give you 1080i video, but only stereo sound, so the experience will still be a downgrade. Component cables consist of five wires: two audio and three video, one for each of three color channels.

Save Your Money When Buying HDMI Cables

There is no reason for you to spend a huge amount of money on HDMI cables. If you buy your TV from a retailer, it's likely that the salesperson will try to upsell you on expensive premium cables. These are unnecessary and have no noticeable difference from inexpensive cables.

Make Sure You Tune In to the Right Channels

This might seem obvious, but not everyone realizes that HD channels exist and have a better picture. Standard channels often have standard quality image and sound, so even if your TV can handle 1080p, you'll be viewing your shows at a much lower definition. Tune into HD channels, which are optimized for use with an HDTV and with HDMI cables and connections. Your cable provider may offer the option to filter channels by HD availability, so take advantage of this option if possible.

These simple steps can help you enjoy the best high definition experience possible with your new HD television setup. Using the right connections, saving money and stress on finding the right HDMI cables, and tuning in to the right channels can all help you enjoy your new HD TV. Set up your TV the right way and remember that HD is less complicated than it seems.