Back to school trends are really a must-have. However, you really won't know what is trendy until your kids shows up on the first day of school. Usually you go shopping long before this so it's really a matter of figuring out the overall wardrobe choices that your child is going to need for this year. Here are a few tips on how to find and buy these items on a budget.

Oftentimes these are the pieces that are going to see your child throughout the school year. You will want to make sure that these items are still going to be popular in April. In this case, you can just mix in a few character or movie kinds of T-shirts with plain jeans or skirts. You can also layer looks with sweaters. This is going to give her wardrobe a lot more versatility because if a movie goes out of style then you can just take out one or two pieces.

A really easy way to find out what is popular is to pick a celebrity and copy his or her style. There are entire stores that are devoted to just making celebrity knockoffs. This can still be quite expensive. Of course you also really need to make them age appropriate so they are also modest enough. You will really be able to give your child a complete look just by looking at pages of fashion magazines. Of course, not everything is going to be applicable but you can at least get the same color palettes and accessories as well as the overall feeling of the outfits. In fact, you can just go with the same kinds of silhouettes and color schemes if you're on a budget. A lot of celebrities have been part of the celebrity baby boom so you can really look at how these people are dressing their kids with unlimited funds then just translate that into your own budget for more of a chic kind of look.

The other really popular thing to do is just stick within a clique, group or just pick out whatever style genre friends of your child are wearing. For instance you could just try the preppy look which has really become very popular lately. Focus in on sweaters and plaids but you can change it up with fun colors such as an orange or yellow.

One thing to really consider is fashion trends for adults, but then really scale it down for a fashion forward kind of look. For instance, the punk kind of look is a huge influence on fashion. It was really due to this style that there was a rebirth in leggings and skinny jeans. When these items first appeared on the fashion scene a lot of people rolled their eyes and thought that they would never wear them. However, after a few years these pieces started really becoming staples in just everyone's wardrobe. Of course you'll want to stick with a toned down color palette with less embellishments. It also really depends on what top you choose to pair it with.

No matter the age group you can really benefit by taking your child shopping with you. This allows them to really get the chance to create their own personal style because they are probably a lot more knowledgeable about what is going on in the fashion world in their own little part of the world than you might be.