A Caribbean kitchen can be a lot of fun. It has a tropical kind of feeling. It also does incorporate a lot of light, which is perfect because kitchens usually have a lot of gray and black in them. However, this kind of color palette is so basic that you can have a lot of fun and really brighten things up.

You're going to want to bring in colors of water. You can do this with mosaic glass tile. It can have all different forms of aqua, turquoise, and teal in it. Since this is such a bold statement you should only use it on your backsplash. Then keep the rest of your walls more of a sand color. This is an easy way to brighten up basic cabinetry and flooring. White ceramic tile flooring can seem a little bit boring or even cold so bringing in this kind of theme is really going to liven it up.

You can also go with a kind of a nightclub feeling. This style was very popular in the Art Deco era. It uses a lot of beautiful neon hot pinks which can have a Miami kind of feeling to it. It's a chance to make colors such as pink more sophisticated. You can also incorporate silver. You could even give your walls the texture of a bright white stucco. This is a different color palette from the typical blue range. This works well in a modern kitchen. It still has a contemporary vibe with the vibrant colors, and a casual kind of feeling. You can also bring in seashell inspired accessories just as long as they are still sleek and modern with silver plating.

When you go with any theme room it's very vital to decide why this is important to you. It might be somewhere that you went on a honeymoon or that you've always wanted to travel. It may be just the overall feeling and relaxation that it brings you. This is really going to help you keep away from cheesy kind of design styles. You may want to write down the mood that you want in the space. This can keep you from going too over the top and creating a disaster. Instead, you can just incorporate a lot of budget friendly items with what you already have to really transform your space into something that is very livable.

You can also have a lot of fun and play around with patterns, even if you are going with a neutral color granite which can be a great investment. You can change it up to work within this style. There are a lot of slabs with veins or dots in it. This can still incorporate the colors of sand so it's not going to be so specific to your theme. At the same time it gives you the chance to just bring that gentle flow into the space.

The window treatments for this room should be bright and airy or nonexistent. You can add privacy as well as UV filtering with window films. You could just use simple grass blinds. This can give it an organic effect and this is some of the least expensive material that is out there so it is really going to fit in perfectly with this theme. Of course it doesn't give you tons of privacy so you may need to have curtains over it. However it does give you a little bit of privacy and keeps things a little bit cooler on those hot summer days.

Make sure that you include actual photographs. These can be pieces from a favorite location or just items that you pull off the internet as long as you obey copyright laws. Really the ocean and water in this kind of style is so brilliant and so bright. It almost is magical looking so you really should incorporate this into your space even if it's in very small amounts. It also features beautiful white sand beaches or rustic grass huts. You can create a collage of these items or just put them all together on one wall to really create a focal point and a conversation kind of piece.

You may want to stay away from your typical beachy kind of items. This includes embroidered hand towels or printed soap dishes. Instead just go with neutral or high quality pieces. You can even find items that mimic rattan or a reed. This will give them that natural and organic feeling so that the entire room feels more convincing.

The great thing about this style is that it does work with a bright white cabinet which is perfect if you just want to makeover what you already have in your space. You can really also venture out into other colors as long as you have white walls. This will seem modern and contemporary because a lot of designers are featuring a high gloss colorful cabinet. For this purpose you could try a turquoise or cobalt blue. This can be a little bit daring so really make sure that you're committed to this design style.

You also need to make sure that your room does have enough light in it and can really handle so much white which is really essential if you do want to get that breezy summer day look. An easy way to do this is with skylights. If you already have one in your home then make sure that they are clean. Another option would be to go with a lot of task lighting. You can give this that tropical look with a capiz shell style. This is a round shell that also has a mother-of-pearl shimmer to it. This can also be very contemporary or fun looking. It has an air of elegance to it as well.

You can also have a lot of fun with bamboo accents. You could find plain silver knobs that mimic a textured bamboo. You can also get real bamboo knobs as well as flooring, mats, and possibly even something as simple as a salad bowl. This is a renewable material and it's often considered to be very eco-friendly.