Most Western men love Asian ladies, so it's not surprising that finding an Asian wife is something a lot of men think about. Here's a brief overview of how to go about looking for an Asian wife.

Mail Order Brides

Before the Internet got popular, the traditional way to find an Asian bride was to live in Asia for a few years, or go down the mail order bride route. Often mail order brides were unseen by their husbands before marriage, but despite this many couples ended up having a successful multi-cultural relationship.

The mail order bride business doesn't really exist in this format any more, because:

  • Asia has got a lot wealthier and there is an emerging middle class. Asian women are less dependent on men than they once were, thanks to the rise of the service sector which has plenty of women-friendly jobs. Many Asian women can now afford to be a lot more selective about their choice of marriage partner.
  • Immigration authorities have gotten a lot more strict about foreign partners, and in many cases you have to demonstrate that there is a real relationship there.
    Thanks to the Internet prospective husbands and wives can chat to each other on webcam and send emails to each other, so they can get to know each other before the all important first meeting.
  • The Internet also has some useful tools like automatic language translators. This makes it much easier to have a relationship with someone who might not speak or write your language very well.

Asian Dating Websites

There are a wide range of Asian dating websites available. There are those that have men and women from a wide range of countries, and those that focus on a particular country.

One of the biggest Asian dating site operators is Cupid Media. They have a network of niche dating websites that cater for anyone looking for an Asian partner. These websites tend to be used by Western men looking for Asian brides, but there's no reason why Western women couldn't look for an Asian husband on them. Increasingly the websites are also being used by Asian people to find Asian partners. One of their many dating sites is Filipino Cupid, a site popular with Western men looking for Filipina wives. There's also Japan Cupid for Japanese ladies.

When choosing an Asian dating site it's important to know how much the site will cost. Sadly many dating websites (even the big mainstream ones) make it very hard to find out their subscription fees. This is partly because they are desparate to get you to sign up first. The good thing about dating sites is that most of them are free to sign up to, but you only have to pay once you want to contact the other members.

Many of the Asian dating websites like the Cupid Media ones have a flat rate fee structure so you can contact as many members as you like while you have a subscription. If you're serious about finding a partner it's better to sign up for a longer term membership as these usually have a substantial discount to the monthly plan.

Be wary of sites that are free but charge you every time you contact one of the members. Although this sounds quite a good deal, it works out extremely expensive in the long run. Websites that have this charging model include Foreign Ladies and Chnlove. The fees go towards getting your emails translated for the lady, and the lady's replies translated back into English. While this makes it easy to communicate with a lady who doesn't speak or write much English, the model encourages fraud. Translators can invent women, they can reuse letters and there's not really any proof that the lady is actually getting the letters you send to her.

Sites like Filipino Cupid are better as you can find English speaking Asian women without needing a translator.

One other thing to be wary of is scammers. Avoid anyone who:

  • Asks for money.
  • Wants you to talk to them on another (usually more expensive) dating site.
  • Doesn't want to talk to you on webcam (scammers who have made up dating profiles will go at great lengths to avoid webcam sessions).
  • Is working overseas, especially in Africa.

It's a good idea to stay away from free Asian dating sites altogether as they are a magnet to scammers.

Don't let scammers put you off though, there are plenty of decent people on Asian dating websites, but finding them takes a lot of time and effort.